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Just got my 3DS and wanted to test out a reset on my Pokemon Pearl, but it didnt work, I tried pressing L + R + Start + Select at the same time and it didnt work

It works on my 3DS and my copy of Pt. Maybe your 3DS is broken?

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Currently testing on my 3ds. Posted another answer a few minutes ago saying that it didn't work on regular DS games, but I decided to test it and see and it works on a few.

Pearl/diamond: Soft resets
Hg/ss: Soft resets
W2: Soft resets

I have had this issue before, so I know exactly what you're talking about. Here's some things to try:

-Try pushing harder on your buttons, and at different speeds. Test to make sure all your buttons are working correctly in game

-Look at the L = A in the game settings. don't think this would impact the DS, but it could be making the game read the L as A if it's on.

-It's possible the game is faulty, or the DS itself. Is the game legit? This (might) have an impact on how the DS reacts to it. If you have any knowledge on electronics, it's possible that something regarding the 3DS's L and R buttons is off or broken, as a general manufacture error. If you have knowledge, taking it apart and seeing could be worthwhile, but I would not reccomend doing that if you don't have experience. It's better to get a refund and get a different one.

-If all else fails, you get a new DS, your game is legit, all your buttons are reacting properly, I'd reccomend trying to use an old fashioned regular dsi. They restart and reset quick with the power button.

Good luck on your troubleshooting and journey!

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Soft resetting works fine on my DS lite, but the 3DS' L button didnt work no matter how I pressed it, the R worked when I put more pressure on. I'm gonna try cracking it open to see if maybe its just some dust because I've seen that might be the problem, otherwise I need to repair my 3DS I've had for 2 days :/ thanks for going through all that trouble though :)
good luck! Is the ds brand new or is it second hand? if it's second hand that'll probably be the cause of it. Be careful when taking it apart
Ifixit has really good guides, here's a link i'd reccomend you looking at:

Both my DS's are second hand, I'm kinda annoyed with the 3DS because I paid about 50$ for it and it didnt even have a stylus, but I dont want to confront the seller because they were really nice :/ thanks for the link :)
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I know for a fact you can. I've done it. However, it became harder to do it as my system wore out. My L+R buttons became gradually more unresponsive and it became harder to do, but it was still possible with some persistent effort.

Are your bumpers normally responsive or have you had issues with them elsewhere as well?

Literally got the 3DS today, L and R buttons worked on other games except for my copy of Pearl and White
Have you tested it on other parts of the game? Can you shift PC boxes with them, or is it a game-wide issue?
I've only started hunting a Turtwig on Pearl, on White L didnt work and I had to put a lot of pressure on R for it to work, I've seen online that it could just be dust so I might try cleaning it
Sounds like a plan. I know that the bumpers on these systems can have a frustratingly short lifespan, so I know where you're coming from, but I'm almost certain it is possible.
Thanks for the help :)