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Jolteon has a little higher base stat total but on the other hand, Luxray has a wide movepool and abilities.

Are you playing ingame against NPCs or against actual people? If you’re playing against other people, what format are you using?
NPCs. In-game team.
If there's a way to boost Luxray's speed, please tell me.

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While this question has been answered, I'd like to go more in detail.



-Base Speed of 130, so it will end up outspeeding quite a bit.

-Its base Special Attack and Special Defense are also great, at 110 and 95, respectively.

-Learns Shadow Ball for Allister, Thunderbolt for Nessa and Leon's Charizard, Double Kick for Piers (though its attack isn't very good), Iron Tail for Melony/Gordie (again, bad attack stat), and Dig for Raihan's Duraludon and Leon/Hop's Cinderace (unless you chose Cinderace) (though, again, its attack isn't very good), to name a few of it's coverage options against major battles.


-Some of its coverage options are physical, and it has a terrible base 65 Attack.

-It has a shallow Special moveset as well, really only having Discharge, Thunderbolt, Hyper Voice, Shadow Ball, Volt Switch, and Stored Power (with a boosting move such as Work Up or Agility) as decent Special moves.

-Its Defense is base 60 and its HP is base 65, both of which are pretty terrible.



-Has great base 120 Attack and decent base 95 Special Attack, so it makes a good mixed attacker.

-It gets Bite/Crunch/Throat Chop for Allister, Thunderbolt and Wild Charge for Nessa and Leon's Charizard, Play Rough for Marnie and Piers, Superpower for Marnie and Piers, and Iron Tail for Melony/Gordie.

-Its Speed isn't very good, but it gets Agility to boost it, so it shouldn't matter too much.

-It has a great movepool, both physical and special.

-You probably won't be using Guts in game, but Intimidate is a great ability, boosting its physical bulk.

-Hits harder physically than Jolteon does specially.


-I'll also list its poor Speed as a con. With all the coverage it gets, I feel like its hard to fit Agility onto a moveset.

-In the event that you do use Agility on it, set up is very unreliable in game (in my opinion, at least).


With all of that said, I would use Luxray over Jolteon.

Hope this helps! :)

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Definitely Jolteon

While Luxray's Guts boosted base 125 attack may sound good, it isnt't good. It is too slow to be a fast sweeper(base 70 speed), and that means it can be a tank, right. Well, no. It can't. Just take a look at those defenses and that HP stat. Luxray is a very mediocre Pokemon that shouldn't be used and is one of the worst electric types to ever exist. On the other hand, Jolteon has blazing speed, a dangerous special attack stat of 110, and 95 SpD, which is decent. Its defense and HP is worse than Luxray's but only by a bit, and at least it outspeeds almost everything. Jolteon's movepool is also pretty small, but it has Thunderbolt, Volt Switch, and Shadow Ball. Hyper Voice should also be considered because it is powerful neutral coverage against most Pokemon.

Jolteon has seen more competitive success than Luxray, and for good reason, while Luxray was untiered 3 gens in a row, and sees minimal success in PU in generation 8.

Hope this helps!

How about a Speed EV booster?
Jolteon always outspeeds. The only way for Luxray to ever outspeed is if you give jolteon a -speed nature, no speed IVs or EVs(which is pretty ridiculous). Even then, Luxray just barely outpaces Jolteon.
I meant for Luxray
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Let's take a look at the pros and cons of each.

Jolteon Pros
-Fantastic Speed and SpA, good with Specs
-Performs amazing on Rain teams
-Volt Absorb gives it an immunity; Which can be helpful for switch-ins
-SpDef is a decent 95 base

Jolteon Cons
-Poor physical bulk, with 60 base Defense and 65 base HP. Your Jolteon won't be on the field long if it doesn't OHKO the enemy
-Poor coverage options; the only notable move is Shadow Ball
-With such great speed and sweeping potential, It's HA Quick Feet is very unnecessary

If Jolteon doesn't get the STAB Thunder off and OHKO the enemy, it's dead. But once it gets going it can be a monster.

Luxray Pros
-Great Attack, at 120 base
-Has two good abilities with Intimidate and it's HA, Guts.
-Plenty of coverage options with an amazing movepool
-Runs well with a Flame Orb+Guts

Luxray Cons
-Poor speed and bulk
-Physical electric type moves are hard to come by, and Luxray has no recovery for Wild Charge
-Rivalry is a pretty bad third ability

Luxray can be amazing, and has plenty of coverage options, but it's base 80 speed and not reliable bulk pull it down a notch.

All in all, it depends on if you want a Special or Physical attacker. I personally would go with Jolteon, despite it's lackluster movepool. Luxury is good in its own right.