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I have been trying to get rhyperior in both of the dusty bowl rhyperior Dens now for a few hours now, but I keep only getting the same 5 special Pokémon: palpitoad, seismitoad quagsire and gastrodon. I have had 0 five star special raids and all of the Pokémon I have got are the same type, so is there some sort of gimmick or am I just really unlucky?

Disconnect from the internet and turn on local communication. You should start to not encounter 'Wild Area News' pokemon.
BlazeGamer didn’t work
How many gym badges do you have?
You're just unlucky, Rhyperior is the rarest pokemon in certain raid dens of the Dusty Bowl. Try using the exploit that has you go one day forward to find certain Pokemon quickly(you'll also get watts!)
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The weather, not much the date. For example, you wouldn’t see a Snom raid on a hot, humid day in game. You wouldn’t see Flareon on a rainy day in game. So, it’s all in weather. Not the day.

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