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So...if you see the tier of Froslass, in gen 7, it was written UU.
I just couldn't belive my eyes, HOW COULD A POKEMON THAT WAS SO FRAIL WAS IN UU?
Ghost / Ice typing might be a good Offensive typing, but its still pretty frail!

And the main point was, THEY WAS USING
Froslass @ Focus Sash
Ability: Cursed Body
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Spikes
- Taunt
- Icy Wind
- Destiny Bond


So whats the point? I'm confuse...and 80 special attack wont help anything! And it might stops other from using stuat move, but it was still bad due to the fact that I realized that in Gen 7 UU, litrally everyone use Bullet punch Scizor and you could just switch your Pokemon to make taunt gone. So whats the point it was in UU in Gen 7?

I was super confusing, each time a think about this I fainted. (Just kidding, but almost)

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Good Defensive typing? It has five common weaknesses
Oopsy, it should be Offensive

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Froslass holds a notable niche as a lead on hyper offense teams thanks to its useful utility options such as Icy Wind and Destiny Bond in tandem with its blistering base 110 Speed. Froslass also possesses Taunt and the ability to spinblock, allowing it to stop entry hazard removers such as Empoleon and Tentacruel, as well as prevent the opposing team from setting up their own entry hazards, giving Froslass an edge in many situations.

Froslass is intended to be used on hyper offense teams. It can hinder opponents with Icy Wind for Speed control, Taunt to prevent setting up, and Spikes for general damage. Focus Sash ensure at least one of these to be used, and Froslass can take an attacker down with it, thanks to Destiny Bond.


Hope I helped!

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As a person who is quite fond of Froslass, I can give some of my input.

Being frail is actually a niche for Froslass. It can get off a Destiny Bond with very high Speed while it's down to its Focus Sash. To be honest, I've never used an Icy Wind set. While lowering the opponent's Speed is certainly good, in singles the lowered Speed doesn't matter much due to the heavy amount of switching. This is why I much prefer Ice Beam or Shadow Ball.

Anyway, onto the set itself. It's actually very good when used correctly, as I use it with Shadow Ball over Icy Wind (I have only used Froslass on a mono-ice team, so the Ghost move was pretty essential for extra coverage). Spikes is for setting entry hazards. Taunt + Focus Sash + Destiny Bond allows you to get almost always KO unless one of two things occur -- the opponent switches or the opponent is faster/has a priority move. The first one isn't exactly bad, since you can set a layer of Spikes. Destiny Bond is since you'll most likely be brought to your Sash. The last slot is for Taunt.

Now, why is it in UU?

First, for the UU viability thread, Froslass is in the B Rank.

As the other answer stated, it can set up Spikes safely due to being a spinblocker. This is very important, increasing its overall viability.

In UU, it's faster than a lot of Pokemon, allowing it to pull off its signature suicide lead strategy. Here are the Speed Tiers.

So, all in all, it has a great strategy that is very reliable in UU. It can shut down set up sweepers and walls, outspeed a good chunk of the metagame, and is one of the best entry hazard setter, in my opinion (because of its ability to spinblock and deny most Defog users with a fast Taunt).

Hope this helps! :)