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I'm extremely confused how this wasn't asked. Self explanitory. Also, each variation of the z move isnt nessicary. Do include gmax moves tho.

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Would you like me to list every move or just how many there are?
Just how many. I wouldn't want to see them all, and I could just look them up in the search bar
Thanks for flag. I edited them to make them different.
I'd recommend doing a google search with the filter "site:pokemondb.net/pokebase" if you want to be doubly sure that your question hasn't already been posted.

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There are 44 Water moves, 4 G-Max Moves (Hydrosnipe, Stonesurge, Foam Burst, Rapid Flow) and 2 Z moves (Oceanic Operetta, Hydro Vortex)
There are 54 Grass moves, 3 G-Max Moves (Drum Solo, Tartness, Sweetness) and 1 Z move (Bloom Doom)
There are 42 Fire moves, 2 G-Max Moves (Centiferno, Fireball) and 1 Z move (Inferno Overdrive)
There are 29 Ground type moves, 1 G-Max move (Sandblast) and 1 Z move (Tectonic Rage)
There are 31 Poison moves, 1 G-Max Move (Malodor) and 1 Z move (Acid Downpour)
There are 31 Fairy moves, 2 G-Max Moves (Finale, Smite) and 3 Z Moves (Guardian of Alola, Let's Snuggle Forever, Twinkle Tackle)
There are 26 Dragon moves, 1 G-Max move (Depletion) and 2 Z moves (Devastating Drake, Clangerous Soulblaze)
There are 46 Dark moves, 2 G-Max Moves (Snooze, One Blow) and 2 Z Moves (Dark Hole Eclipse, Malicious Moonsault)
There are 68 Psychic moves, 1 G-Max move (Gravitas) and 3 Z Moves (Shattered Psyche, Light that Burns the Sky, Genesis Supernova)
There are 50 Fighting moves, 1 G-Max move (Chi Strike) and 1 Z move (All-Out Pummeling)
There are 23 Rock moves, 1 G-Max move (Volcalith) and 2 Z moves (Splintered Stormshards, Continental Crush)
There are 28 Ice moves, 1 G-Max move (Resonance) and 1 Z Move (Subzero Slammer)
There are 29 Ghost moves, 1 G-Max move (Terror) and 4 Z moves (Never Ending Nightmare, Sinister Arrow Raid, Menacing Moonraze Maelstrom, Soul-Stealing-Seven-Star Strike)
There are 43 Electric moves, 2 G-Max Moves (Stun Shock, Volt Crash) and 4 Z Moves (Gigavolt Havoc, Catastropika, 10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt, Stoked Sparksurfer)
There are 32 Bug moves, 1 G-Max move (Befuddle) and 1 Z Move (Savage Spin-Out)
There are 30 Flying moves, 1 G-Max move (Wind Rage) and 1 Z-Move (Supersonic Skystrike)
There are 33 Steel moves, 1 G-Max move (Steelsurge) and 1 Z Move (Corkscrew Crash)
There are 190 Normal moves, 2 G-Max Moves (Replenish, Gold Rush) and 3 Z Moves (Breakneck Blitz, Extreme Evoboost, Pulverizing Pancake)

The type with the most moves is Normal with 190, and the type with the least moves is Rock, with 23.

There are 829 moves, not including Z-Moves or Max/G-Max moves.

Including Z-Moves (35), regular moves (829), and Dyanamax/Gigantamax moves (50) there are 914.

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Did you count Inferno Overdrive? It's not listed as the Fire Z-move.
Oop, forgot the Fire z-moves, thanks
is confused so how many are there?
Look at the bottom part of the answer
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818 including Z-moves and max moves.
This was asked, here:

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