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So i've heard that if you breed a female Scrafty with high jump kick with a male Cinderace, The Cinderace would learn High Jump Kick, and my friend comfirmed this info is real, but I have a question, for some reason It's not working for me, my Cinderace isn't learning HJK and my same friend says that it took him a few seconds, could anyone help me please?

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The baby they have should learn HJK, not the male Cinderace. Is that what you're confused about?

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Your friend might have seen this. However, Since your Scrafty is female, the resulting eggs will turn out to be scraggy. This trick only works with two Pokemon of the same species and when your cinderace has an empty moveslot. You'd have to have a male scrafty with high jump kick and a female cinderace breed, which would hatch into scorbunny that know High Jump Kick. You'd then have to breed until you get a female scorbunny with HJK and breed it with your original cinderace (make sure it only knows 3 moves). Leave them at the nursery for a little while and the first Cinderace will know High Jump Kick.

Hope this helps!

Wait how come the different species thing works for them?! Man... and my friend ya done this himself with a remoraid and Blastoise to get water spout, I was aware of this but I’m just too lazy to breed that much, thanks anyway
No problem! You only have to be the same species if you're trying to give the move to the parent. Otherwise, as long as the female is the species you want, it can be anything within the Pokemon's egg group that knows the move and it will produce eggs with High Jump Kick. (You could use Hawlucha or Hitmonchan/lee/top as well.)
Your friend probably just forgot a few details when he/she/they/it told you about this.