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Yes I know this was asked, but it was asked five years ago and the answer didn't have a source. I already saw that thread.

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Thought like 3
I edited the old thread to make this question completely distinct, so it is not a duplicate anymore. Thanks for the flags.
Also, I removed a long off-topic comment chain. Nobody is blaming anybody and nobody said anybody is at fault. Flags are not an expression of fault or disapproval. Please stop getting worked up about flags. They are just for notifying staff. Please ask me on my wall if you have any questions about this.
About editing the old question, aren't we just supposed to update outdated questions now?
You should, but I think it's fine to post a question specifically requesting info for new generations, since there is no guarantee the old thread will be updated. In that case, the new thread should be restricted to only the games that have released since the old question was posted (and that is normally how I would edit them). But people seem very confused here so I went with something simpler.
I'm pretty sure each Elite Four has 1 and then the Champion has 2, although I think lance has like 4

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