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Like the question says. Apparently the dlc was released a few hours ago. If Garchomp didn't get any new toys to play with I'm not gonna buy this game or a switch anytime soon. So did it get any new toys? Like dragon dance or whatever? Just list everything Garchomp received this generation

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I think this is a sort of 'we don't know' question ...
Hey, I could be wrong but the DLC releases on the 23rd, I believe. A dayish left to go. You might not get an answer anytime soon
22nd I think so tomorrow..........
FYI, basically everything to do with the DLC has leaked, including Garchomp's movepool.
Short answer: it's not getting anything special. No D-Dance btw.
Obviously garchomp got new moves probably like scale shot and high horse power but it got nothing new oof sorry
Really? The countdown said it was released nine hours ago

@Fizz yeah but I actually want the leaks confirmed in game
Lol i heard blaziken is actually getting close combat but I'll stick with high jump kick lol why aren't the new moveset on the pokebase yet XD
no dragon dance unfortunately. it only gets breaking swipe, scorching sands, and scale shot
Is anyone gonna answer this or should I :D
Thankfully Garchomp doesn't get Dragon Dance, otherwise it would literally break the meta
I'll answer you in approximately 6 hours
I commenting because I'm not sure if this is all of them. Garchomp gets Scorching Sands, which has a chance to burn opponent's. Garchomp also gets Breaking Swipe and Scale Shot, which doesn't really help it.

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Although the datamined moves for some Pokemon like Tapu Bulu and Blacephalon have proven to be incorrect, Garchomp seems to be getting exactly what we expected. Scorching Sands, Scale Shot, and Breaking Swipe have been confirmed according to Showdown's teambuilder. Still no Dragon Dance.

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Oh for the love of Satan >(
It also gets Bite in SwSh now.