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I adore this smol spiky boi. But is he truly useful in any format? If so, could you give me any moveset suggestion?

for movesets check its thread here.

edit: wait nevermind i cant even find a thread so ??? make one i guess?
Decent in doubles, but Koko outclassed it since the new dlc
Yea, no one uses Pinchurin with Koko available
Pincurchin was viable in PU before Crown Tundra, but I don't know what happened after a bunch of new Pokemon dropped to PU.

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It used to be viable, but now that Tapu Koko is here, it's not good thanks to it's low speed. Pincurchin would have been good to use with Alolan Raichu, because of Pincurchin's hidden ability Electric Surge, which would activate Raichu's ability Surge Surfer, which doubles speed on Electric Terrain. But now Tapu Koko can set up Electric Terrain with the same ability and partner with Regieleki. Regieleki + Electric Terrain + Transistor (Regieleki's ability) + Raising Voltage = MASSIVE DAMAGE!
All in all, Tapu Koko is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better.
Hope I helped!

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Tapu Koko isn't way better in the lower tiers, where it's banned.
What tiers? I thought this person was talking about the Battle Stadium in Sw/Sh.
Where did the question say it was about Battle Stadium?
Oh Yeah... what is he talking about then?
It says "any format".
thx for the answer but i wish pinchurchin would somehow get better one day!