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Game Freak logic
I mean, why shouldn’t it be slower?

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Well, look at it.


The real Hatterene is the little white girl inside her "body" of hair. Could you walk if you had no feet or legs touching the ground? :P

It's previous evolutions, Hatenna


and Hattrem


Have legs and/or pigtails that function like legs. They can walk and run a lot better than Hatterene can.

And, as always, Gamefreak Logic.

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Well, it has more hair. hair is actually very heavy in bulk, so the more hair someone has the more weight they have, and unlike muscles, hair doesn't get stronger or used to certain movements. This is why Grimsnarle is so strong the dead weight of its hair. Also, Hatterene walks slowly to seem more elegant so it probably doesn't run in front of the kids who are writing the Pokedex. It may be able to run fast but it wants to focus on being (Hatt)Serene and beautiful.

Hatterene weighs 11 lbs/5.0 kg.