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Litwick can be found in the Celestial Tower at Levels 28-35, and evolves into Lampent at Level 41 and into Chandelure with a Dusk Stone.

Metang can be found in Giant Chasm at Levels 45 and 48, and evolves into Metagross at Level 45.

I need a Pokemon to combat Fighting types and these are the best options. The Natures are Rash for Chandelure and Metagross is going to be Adamant.

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Chandelure fits your team better. Here is why:

  • You already have 2 steel types, adding Metagross will make it 3 which won't really help you if you more courage.

  • Metagross is weak to 2 of the elite four members and is only effective against 1.

  • Chandelure is strong against 2 and is immune to one but is weak to 1. still better than metagross.

  • Most of most of your team is weak against types at are weak to fire which would make it ideal to use chandelure.

  • How on earth do you have the patience to to spend hours looking for a Pokemon with a legendary catch rate with the right nature, let alone catching one. This one is by @Giga~Blade X

Hope I helped!

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Plus, Metang is ridiculously hard to catch.
Oh I'll add that. Thank you.
All the E4 members does neutral damage to Metagross (this is before Gen 6) double resistant to Caitlin (Psychic).