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Can you show us a picture?
Which card are you talking about?
I'm assuming the asker is referring to cards like the one below:
I think that is purely aesthetic and doesn't mean anything.
Should I wait for the OP to confirm this is what they are asking before answering?
yes unless you have already waited a week
I have charmander,Dragonite,and a ponyta

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Pokemon cards with red HP are older cards, such as the 1st edition base set Charizard.

Charizard 1st Edition Base Set Card

Blastoise 1st Editon Base Set Card

All the other 1st edition base set cards that I've seen have red HP as well.

Base Set is also unique in that Wizards were still experimenting with the layout and aesthetics of the cards after the 1st Edition run, which becomes apparent when cards from both 1st Edition and Unlimited are compared. The most obvious change is the weighting of text for HP values and attacks; they are much bolder in Unlimited.

Cards from the Evolutions expansion don't have red HP.


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You should add that cards from the Evolutions expansion don't have that red hp to distinguish the two cards/expansions