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I've noticed recently that alot of Pokemon have been missing from Pokemon sword and shield. Meltan that was not even accessible to the player in main game was also unavailable in Pokemon sword. Can someone give me a detailed explanation why Pokemon would do this?

I don't know why but I think that having a device sweitch made it take a long time to code everything in. Plus, would you like to code almost 1000 pokemon in on a format you have only been working on for a year? Likely not
And I think it'll be very much fun to make pokemon fans wait for 2 years for a new pokemon game with all the pokemon!
Meltan is a horrible example of a Pokémon unable to be caught in SwSh considering it’s a mythical Pokémon only obtainable in Pokémon Go, however it’s still movable to SwSh.
That's what makes Meltan special, it's hard (or rather tedious) to get. Would you prefer it if they made it just a regular in-game legendary?
Meltan is a mythical so. Not comparable to an in game legendary.
Ok, would you prefer it if it was a regular mythical that gets released in 1 event and then forgotten?
It would just take too long to code them all in. They can’t delay the game because so many other media forms rely on the release of the game (i.e the anime, the TCG, the manga). It’s the same reason why they didn’t put all the moves in the game. The DLCs also take up a lot of room because they also have to code the releases in, as well as all the content in. Had they simply been in the game from the start (which they should have been in my opinion) then perhaps they would’ve had more room to fit more Pokémon and moves into the code.
Basically that. IMO they should have delayed the game, not just because of the Dex cut but also SwSh is lacking in many other areas as well. However, they cannot do that likely because they have to release it to coincide with the other media forms and that they thought the game will sell well even when rushed. Which, wasn't really false.

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There were too many Pokémon
If you look at the Pokémon list, it’s at 898 excluding forms. Game Freak didn’t want to code all of the Pokémon in to the game, becuase it’d be too hard and take too long (also known as them rushing it out before Christmas). Game Freak is also accused of recycling old animations from older generations. Game Freak instead worked on making the sprites for Pokémon good.

Hope this helps!

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They reused the pokemon you nintendrone
Ya sure? Becuase these sprites, especially Midday Lycanroc, look a hell of a lot cleaner