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Must I say more?

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Im 1/3 done a shiny living kanto dex so yes
I’ve given hundreds of people a living shiny dex. They are really common nowadays

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Yes. With the amount of fans out there, it's statistically extremely unlikely that people haven't done this. While rare for someone to have the dedication, it has certainly been done.

People can also hack in entire Pokedexes worth of shiny Pokemon, or buy them easily from Ebay (most if not all Ebay shiny Pokemon are fake).

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Definitely. With all the fans that exist, at least 1 one them has attempted and completed this task. While not close to a quarter of the Pokémon fans have done it, it is really easy to start thinking you can do it. You probably can, but it takes a lot of dedication. Fans probably would get discouraged 1/8 of the way through.
People also can hack, mod, or buy fake shinies online. But those really don’t count, and if you attempt to do this in Gold/Silver/Crystal/HG/SS, really do not count the Red Gyrados. It is 100 percent encounter, and most people do not count it for shiny hunting anyway.