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In the trailer, at the end, a familiar looking green Pokemon with a flower on it's neck appeared. Does anyone know any info about it? Is it legendary or Mythical? Or not? Has it appeared before in another game? Can it be transferred to Sw/Sh?


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It's a Meganium, the final evolution of Gen II starter Pokemon Chikorita. It's not legendary or mythical (unless this one is special somehow). It has appeared in the Johto games, Emerald, ORAS, and SM, and can be transferred to the games in Gens II - VII. It cannot be transferred to SwSh, at least not yet. There are no concrete reasons as to why it's so big. Some theorize Dynamax, others speculate a new gimmick that the game will bring with it.

Edit: As you said, it's a special sort of Pokemon called an "Illumina Pokemon". Not much else is known apart from the name and that it's a phenomenon supposedly only found in the Lental region, where New Pokemon Snap takes place.

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Guess what? I found out it's called an Illumina Pokemon. They are Pokemon only in the lental region that glow at night. Thanks for the other info!
I'll add that to my answer.
There's a video from Austin john plays about it. It's a meganium affected by the illumina phenomenon