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I need a move that covers Dark Ghost types, and I don’t know what move to swap.

My team has:
An Umbreon with Toxic, Protect, Moonlight, and Dark Pulse.
A Decidueye with Phantom Force, Leaf Blade, Swords Dance, and Acrobatics.
A Scizor with Swords Dance, Psycho Cut, Fury Cutter, and Assurance.
A Lucario with Ice Punch, Blaze Kick, Swords Dance, and High Jump Kick.
A Tyranitar with Stone Edge, Crunch, Earthquake, and Iron Difference.
And finally a Garchomp with Dragon Rush, Earthquake, Iron Tail, and Poison Jab.

Please tell me what move to swap.

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Unless Scizor gets to stay in battle and use fury cutter more than 3 turns in a row, fury cutter does less damage than bug bite. I'm pretty sure most battles are shorter than that, and battles that do last 4 or 5 turns let Scizor do more damage by using swords dance and then bug bite.
Oh yeah, true.
What is "Iron Difference"? Did you mean Iron Defense?
Yeah, I think he means Iron Defense.
Yes I meant iron defense

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Well, the only type super-effective against Dark/Ghost-types is Fairy. None of your current Pokemon can learn any Fairy-type attacking moves (seriously, Gamefreak, just give Umbreon Moonblast, it's not that hard).

You do have a couple options though:

  1. Your Umbreon resists both Dark- and Ghost-type moves, so if you don't want to swap any Pokemon, just Toxic stall them and hit them for neutral damage with Dark Pulse.

  2. Brute force. Three of your Pokemon know Swords Dance and have neutral damage attacking moves against Dark/Ghost types.

  3. Change a Pokemon. Generally good Fairy-types are ones like Clefable (Wall/Cleric), Grimmsnarl (Support), Togekiss (Special Tank), Gardevoir (Dedicated Special Attacker), and Azumarill (Dedicated Physical Attacker). They all get STAB Fairy moves, and can fill multiple roles. Of course, there are more Fairy-types included in Sword and Shield, but those are some notable ones.

Now I may have misread your question, but if you're looking for coverage against Dark-types and Ghost-types, not necessarily the dual typing, then you already have it. Umbreon can wall both typings, Scizor and Lucario destroy Dark-types with STAB Bug and Fighting moves, and Tyranitar and Decidueye destroy Ghost-types with STAB Dark and Ghost moves.

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I would have answered this but I couldn’t due to rules XD
But yeah, I usually just use brute force. Switch in Azumarill and watch them burn.
Thank you I’m going to do number 1
You're welcome
A special attack on Umbreon wouldn’t do much damage anyways