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And no, I don't mean Bidoof(though he is the true lord of all Pokemon) I was just wondering, because my brother says it's Mew, and me and my other brother say it's Arceus, who is right?

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Definitely Arceus.
That's what I thought, but I wasn't sure.
Atg, it's Arkoos not Arceus.
Im pretty sure the theory goes that arceus created mew, palkia, dialga, and giratina, and those four created all other pokemon.
The dexs could easily be wrong, as they have exaggerated things and told lies to many many young trainers. Another example is profs making kids do work for no paymen-
Anyway, Im pretty sure acording to most "family trees" if you will, arceus comes first.
Bidoof comes first, then Arkoos.
What's Arkoos? It's not on the database, also could you convert your comment to an answer Sleepy Dreepy, I think it's good enough to BA, unless someone else answers better later.
Arkoos is Mandjtvs version of Arceus, as well as Yaveltal for Yveltal.

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Also mew was created much later, and there are some sources that say that there were multiple, although I don't think that is true. Mew was created after everything else, and after Regigigas moved the continents

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If you mean meme lord, it's omastar the helix lord. If you mean real god, it's Arceus.
E killer (I'm fond of gen 7 ubers that's what it is to me)

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