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Meaning they have the same or a very similar effect as a move, such as Disguise(ability for Substitute), and Drought and Drizzle(Sunny Day and Rain Dance respectively) Thanks so much!

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Disguise isnt really like sub, and im pretty sure before weather was nerfed there was a differentence between sunny day and drought and their variants, drought/variants being 5-8 (or whatever, forgot)
Also, there are slight variatiosn between things, such as shed skin being refresh or something like that, bumecause they both cure status, but it isnt true in that shed skin is at the end of the turn and only a 30% chance
A better question might be which moves share the effects of abilities
Meaning, it has basically the same result, for what ever amount of time, D and D are similar, just slightly nerfed before weather was nerfed, being lower in turn amount, and shed skin having the same end result if successful, of restoring the bearer's/user's status problem.
Do we need to list every move that has a similar effect to each ability? Some abilities, like intimidate, share effects with lots of moves.
If possible yes, but if there are just too many, I'd be fine with you just listing one.
Do you count status conditions that do the same thing as an ability? Like how aqua ring inflicts a status condition that has the same effect as ice body?
Yes. but like said above, if there are a lot of moves, or a lot of abiilities, that share, or almost share effects, then you only need to list one.

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These are the ones I found.
Sturdy: endure
Shadow tag, magnet pull, arena trap: mean look, block, spider web
Natural cure, shed skin, hydration: refresh
Rain dish, ice body: aqua ring
Sand stream, sand spit: sandstorm
Poison touch: poison gas, poison powder
Contrary: topsy-turvy
Moxie, justified, chilling neigh, intrepid sword: howl, meditate, sharpen
Symbiosis: bestow
Stamina, dauntless shield: harden, withdraw
Wimp out, emergency exit: teleport
Water compaction: iron defense, barrier, acid armor
Merciless: laser focus
Queenly majesty, dazzling: quick guard
Power of alchemy, receiver: role play
Innards out: final gambit
Mimicry: camouflage

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Thanks, I can't see the source, but is that all? The other answer has more, if you keep going and get them all, I'll switch the BA to you.
You already saw everything in the other answer, so I thought it would be useless to copy the whole thing into my answer.
Oh, that's true.
Would you mind if I copied these into my answer, so they can all be in one answer? I already have most of them so it only makes sense
Yes, that would be great!:)
I added a few more, don’t have time to add them all now so I’ll add the rest later
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Here’s all the ones I’ve found so far. I looked for moves with identical or nearly identical effects to the abilities. The abilities listed are always active or activate upon entering the battle unless otherwise noted. There are definitely more, but I’ll add them when I find them.

  • Arena Trap: Shadow Hold (from Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness) but it only targets grounded opponents, Block/Mean Look/Spider Web but it targets all grounded opponents
  • Bad Dreams: Nightmare but less damage
  • Chilling Neigh: Howl/Meditate/Sharpen (when the bearer gets a KO)
  • Contrary: Topsy-Turvy but self-targeting
  • Cotton Down: Toxic Thread but it targets the whole field (when bearer is hit)
  • Cursed Body: Disable (on contact w/ bearer)
  • Cute Charm: Attract (on contact w/ bearer)
  • Dauntless Shield: Defense Curl/Harden/Withdraw
  • Dazzling: Quick Guard but only for the ability bearer
  • Defiant: Swords Dance (when one of bearer’s stats is lowered)
  • Drought: Sunny Day
  • Drizzle: Rain Dance
  • Effect Spore: Poison Powder, Sleep Powder, or Stun Spore at random, exactly; Glare, Poison Gas, or Sing at random, but it counts as a powder move (on contact w/ bearer)
  • Electric Surge: Electric Terrain
  • Emergency Exit: Teleport (when the bearer’s HP is down to half)
  • Flame Body: Will-O-Wisp (on contact w/ bearer)
  • Gooey: Toxic Thread (on contact w/ bearer)
  • Grassy Surge: Grassy Terrain
  • Grim Neigh: Nasty Plot (when the bearer gets a KO)
  • Guts: Howl/Meditate/Sharpen (when the bearer has a status condition)
  • Imposter: Transform
  • Ice Body: Aqua Ring (during hail)
  • Innards Out: Final Gambit (activates when bearer faints, instead of causing bearer to faint)
  • Intimidate: Growl
  • Intrepid Sword: Howl/Meditate/Sharpen
  • Justified: Howl/Meditate/Sharpen (when bearer is hit with a Dark-type move)
  • Levitate: Magnet Rise
  • Magic Bounce: Magic Coat
  • Magician: Thief minus the damage (but it activates when the bearer makes a contact attack, so it kinda does damage?)
  • Magnet Pull: Block/Mean Look/Shadow Hold/Spider Web but it affects all Steel-type opponents
  • Merciless: Laser Focus but only for poisoned opponents (also Venoshock, in the sense that it deals more damage to poisoned Pokémon)
  • Misty Surge: Misty Terrain
  • Moxie: Howl/Meditate/Sharpen (when the bearer gets a KO)
  • Mummy: Entrainment (on contact w/ bearer)
  • Perish Body: Perish Song (on contact w/ bearer)
  • Poison Point: Poison Gas exactly, Poison Powder but not a powder move (on contact w/ bearer)
  • Poison Touch: Poison Gas exactly, Poison Powder but not a powder move (on contact w/ opponent)
  • Psychic Surge: Psychic Terrain
  • Queenly Majesty: Quick Guard but it disables priority moves instead of blocking them
  • Rain Dish: Aqua Ring (during rain)
  • Sand Spit: Sandstorm (when bearer is hit)
  • Sand Stream: Sandstorm
  • Sap Sipper: Howl/Meditate/Sharpen (when bearer is hit by a Grass-type move)
  • Shadow Tag: Shadow Hold exactly, Block/Mean Look/Spider Web but it targets all opponents
  • Snow Warning: Hail
  • Stamina: Defense Curl/Harden/Withdraw (when bearer is hit)
  • Static: Glare exactly, Stun Spore but not a powder move (on contact w/ bearer)
  • Sturdy: Endure
  • Super Luck: Focus Energy but the effect is weaker
  • Surge Surfer: Tailwind (during Electric Terrain)
  • Symbiosis: Bestow (when an ally’s held item is consumed)
  • Tangling Hair: Toxic Thread (on contact w/ bearer)
  • Trace: Role Play
  • Wandering Spirit: Skill Swap (on contact w/ opponent)
  • Water Compaction: Acid Armor/Barrier/Iron Defense (when bearer is hit by a Water-type move)
  • Wimp Out: Teleport (when the bearer’s HP is down to half)
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This answer missed a few, like swords dance and defiant.
Just added Competitive and Defiant and fixed the Intimidate error
Defiant can be Nasty Plot, right?
Nope Swords Dance is Defiant.
Grim Neigh and Soul Heart can we weaker forms of Nasty Plot, though.
oh yeah (oops) X3