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I was playing Pokemon yellow and I was walking up the nugget bridge. While I was walking up the bridge, a text box randomly displayed saying "ow! Stomped flat" what does this mean?

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That's a line some Trainer says when they lose I think. What happened after the text box appeared?
Nothing else happened after that
If the text box popped up randomly instead of after beating one of the Nugget Bridge's trainers, it's safe to assume it's a glitch.
This was probably a glitch, as based on the comments, that's not supposed to happen. It is what one of the trainers on the bridge says when defeated, so it makes sense that this was just a random glitch in the game.
Source:Comments on this question.
"probably" is not a definite yes. Do you have proof it's a glitch?
Nope, I don't, I'll try to find proof when I can though.
Are you sure the text box wasn't something that showed up when it wasn't supposed to? That text appears when defeating one of the trainers on the bridge. I'm not exactly sure what he says when you talk to him again, but I vaguely remember the trainers saying the same thing they do after being defeated when you talking to them again. Did you accidentally talk to him again?
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It was likely a glitch. Like the comments said, it is what one of the trainers say after you beat them.
But this is disproven, because Yellow, being a Gen 1 Game, has absolutely no glitches and is the best game in the franchise. (This sentence above was sarcasm.)

So, in summary, it was was definitely a glitch, considering that it was Yellow, one of the most glitched games in the franchise.

Hope I helped!

Also, thanks Blaziken for his image in his answer!

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I'm pretty sure this is a dialogue of some random trainer.
I don't pay attention of every trainer's dialogue though.
Yeah. On Nugget Bridge.
Oh wait, hold on I forgot the credit! Sorry Blaziken!
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This dialogue is used on the third Youngster on the Nugget Bridge when you beat him.
Since you got this dialogue in the overworld, this might be a glitch.