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Smeargle is one of them.
You'll probably get a better answer if you ask here: https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/national-dex-ag-mega-thread.3672423/
Mainly Shuckle as it can Rocks as well
According to the viability rankings, Shuckle is the best, followed by Smeargle.
Uh well don't really to according to VR's only, as then filling your team with S+ would be chic. Any setter can be good according to what a team requires.
Pokemon that are ranked higher are more likely to be good according to what a team requires.

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- Access to both Sticky Web and Stealth Rock
- some support moves such as Encore, Toxic, Knock Off, Infestation
- Good bulky on both defenses
- Slow as ****
- Quite passive if Encore is not used in the right place
- Basically complete Taunt Bait (unless Mental Herb)


- Access to every single move including Sticky Web and Stealth Rock
- Access to support moves like Spore, Nuzzle, Rapid Spin, Taunt, Magic Coat
- Fairly fast
- Can also Baton Pass boosts
- Very low defenses
- Pokemon with Substitute and Taunt can take advantage of it
- Basically forced to run Focus Sash
- Still outsped by much of the meta

The above two are the main ones for National Dex AG. Each of then have their pros and cons, and it's basically your choice if you want a somewhat fast setter or a bulkier one that can still annoy the opponent to hell with Knock Off and Encore. Other setters are generally worse than Smeargle and / or Shuckle, but here are some honorable mentions:


- Access to support moves like Stun Spore and U-turn
- Is the fastest Sticky Web user
- Can still be somewhat of an offensive threat with Moonblast (but not really)
- Mainly still outclassed by Smeargle
- Has pretty terrible bulk
- Must run Focus Sash


- Access to compound eyes + Thunder Wave that always hits
- Access to support moves such as Thunder Wave, Toxic, Volt Switch
- Very fast
- Can pose an offensive threat to things like Kyogre with Thunder
- Pretty bad bulk
- Still outclassed by Smeargle usually
- Must run Focus Sash

So yeah, the main ones in NatDexAG are Shuckle and Smeargle but if you want to spice things up you can also use Galvantula or Ribombee as an alternative. Personally, I would recommend just using Shuckle or Smeargle just because they're a lot more useful in general. Hope I helped :)

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You can also mention Slurpuff
Yeah it is a niche Sticky Web suicide lead.
Hm yeah, I kinda forgot about Slurpuff