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I want to know if Petal Dance is a good option for an offensive Roserade. I know that Roserade isn’t the best offensive Grass option, but it would be nice to know is Petal Dance is a good step in that direction.

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Roserade is complete trash in AG.
It is, but i saw someone using it. A sleep powder substitute leech set could work, but other than that it's not good in AG
This question should be changed to “For some reason I want to know if petal dance is good on roserade in ag, even though ferrothorn and eternatus are so much better than it it’s like conparing the value of a penny (roserade) and that of a million dollars (ferrothorn and eternatus)”
Hey man, i chose heart over power and in AG, you’re allowed to chose any team, and right now, i want a offensive Roserade, no questions asked.
Noobs do that if you wanna win then actually use good pokemon

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PKThunder's answer is good, but I want to elaborate on the topic more.
Like PKThunder said, Petal Dance isn't really good because it locks you into one move, and moves that lock you usually aren't that good. Set-up Sweepers can take advantage to set-up and well, sweep. Also, Leafstorm is usally better.
I decided to ask the RU room on how Roserade is there. Galarian Birds OU answered saying it checks Electric types like Raikou and it sets up Spikes. I decided to ask about Offensive Roserade, and yourwelcomethank answered saying it's good and gave me this set:

Roserade @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Natural Cure
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Giga Drain / Leaf Storm / Grass Knot
- Sludge Bomb
- Spikes / Shadow Ball
- Synthesis / Sleep Powder

As you can see, Giga Drain, Leaf Storm, and Grass Knot are the choices here. An explanation for the choices was given in this Roserade analysis, and while this set is a bit different from the Smogon one, it still explains the choices.

Giga Drain keeps Roserade healthy without pressuring it to constantly use Synthesis. On the other hand, Leaf Storm pressures checks such as Metagross and Stakataka with Spikes up while also OHKOing offensive threats such as Xurkitree and Mienshao with Spikes on the field.

Giga Drain provides healing while Leaf Storm hits hard against things like Metagross switching in. You wouldn't want them bulky steels setting up on you while you are choiced into Petal Dance with no recovery. I also asked if it has a niche in other tiers, and it has a little niche in UU being able to set up spikes, but other than that it sucks there.

I've been talking about other tiers, but now it's time to cover AG. In AG, Offensive Roserade... sucks. bad. It's outclassed and destroyed by the many Ubers and Legends that make their home in AG. It won't last long, and shouldn't be used. There isn't a reason to use Roserade in AG or run Petal Dance on it anywhere. Hope this helps.

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There's no need to include that AG set. It's the mon that's horrible. And I don't get the niche.
I know it isn't that good :/
Also it can constantly sleep powder, then substitute, then leech seed. Leech seed provides fast healing aand does chip damage. Not the best mon to use in ag, but it can be a pain if u aren't prepared (cough me lol).
uhhhhh……any offensive Pokémon can outspeed and kill it.
Exactly. Things like Eternatus and Yveltal don't take a scratch from your move and can just stall you out. Your moves aren't even doing anything
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No. It locks you into the move and doesn't allow you to switch out, meaning something can come in that resists it, use you as set up bait for a sweeper, screener, or spiker that resists Petal Dance can come in, and sweep, set up screens for a sweeper, and make it a nightmare to switch in respectively. On choice sets, it is ok, but since it locks you in battle and choice attackers usually stay in and immediately switch out once something that can tank it comes in, Leaf Storm is better, as it does more damage, and allows you to switch out. Also, grass types in general suck in Gen 8 AG. I hope I've helped!

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The question never said this was for competitive. In-game trainers are usually too dumb to take advantage of petal dance.
This is competitive @sumwun
@sumwun well I mean... the question literally says "Offensive" and "Gen 8 AG". And also in-game competative questions are banned on RMT, so I assume they are here too.
I wrote that comment before the question said those things.
Oh nevermind then :P