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Because I can't seem to find it, and it moves every route, the only thing I can think of is going to a city, and then moving back and forth between the city and the route, until Latias appears on that Route. Any other suggestions?

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Route 108 doesn't have any house that you can change Latios(as) location.
Just W A T E R
It changes location every time you move from one route to another route. If it didn't, then you can just look at its location and walk there.
This is true, I literally mentioned this in the comments. Also, there's no source.
Do you want me to put this question back on the unanswered list again?

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The best strategy to catch a Roaming Pokemon is

  1. Find 2 routes that border each other, (or a route that has a building in it,) that can support a Roaming Legendary appearing. I am more unfamiliar with Hoenn then any other region, so you will have to find this yourself.

  2. Get a fast Pokemon with Mean Look, or a Wobbuffet with Shadow Tag. Gengar/Haunter is probably fast enough if you get it to a high enough level. The Shadow Tag Wobbuffet is probably the best idea. It should be noted Arena Trap doesn't work on Levitate.

  3. Start the hunt by going in between routes and checking Latios' location in the Pokedex. If it is not on the route, rinse and repeat. You should know how to do this.

  4. Once you have encountered Latios, you can try catching it in a couple different ways. You said you have weakened it, so if you have a Shadow Tag Wobbuffet or anything similar, you can sit there and throw Ultra Balls, and eventually Timer Balls. If you don't/can't want to do that, just throw Quick Balls, as everytime a Roamer is encountered, a Quick Ball regains it's effectiveness.

Could also just use Master Ball. I hope this is helpful.

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Thanks Gmax, although unfortunately, this is the Sapphire File I did my Nuzlocke on, and I needed to use my Master Ball on Kyogre. Thanks for your help, I didn't even think of Wobbuffet.
How do you know this is better than repeatedly entering and leaving a building? I tried both ways, and I think the building worked better for me.
Because if both routes can support a roaming Pokemon, you are doubling the chance of it being able to appear on the route your on
I don't think that's exactly how the game moves the Pokemon. When I moved from one route to an adjacent route, it seemed like the roaming Pokemon usually also moved from its route to an adjacent route. This often caused the Pokemon to move around one small part of the region and not to me. When I entered and left buildings, the Pokemon seemed to move to a completely random route.
Have you ever hunted a Roaming Legendary? They do move from route to adjacent route, however randomly they will eventually make their way over to you.
That's exactly what I did. I'm telling you from personal experience that entering and leaving buildings is faster than moving from a route to another route.
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