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Someone in a chat group just send out a image of somewhat a "Galarian Aipom" in the same forest that Galarian Ponyta appeared. Can't remember it's appearance at all and I don't have that image. Some people asked the poster of that image if it's real or not and the poster didn't respond.

Is that image a hoax?

Edit: This happened 2 years ago, before Sword and Shield was released.

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It's most likely fan art or a hoax
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I didn't find any mention of Aipom here, here, or here, which is very strong evidence that it was completely fake and fan-made. If anyone is not satisfied with this answer, then you can tell me, and I'll convert it to a comment.

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Just wanted to add the fact that there have been a lot of fake pokemon leaks in the past. A fake Mega Klinklang leak which surfaced the web 7 years ago made thousands of people believe that thing was real.


Reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/pokemon/comments/2by2qm/mega_klinklang/

Hence, fake pokemon fan arts aren't new to the scene and it is highly likely what you saw was a hoax, especially after sumwun's extensive research.
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