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I really love both, and I am wondering which one should I use.

(Please include Movesets if possible!)


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  • Sub-par Atk stat of 95
  • Good speed of 115
  • Wide Movepool, consisting of Tail Slap, Retaliate, Rock Blast, Bullet Seed, Wake Up Slap, Dig etc
  • Very frail (defenses of 60)
  • Available later than Lillipup.
  • You cannot get Skill Link Cinccino in White.


  • Good Atk stat of 115
  • Great Bulk (each 90)
  • Great Ability Intimidate, Sand Rush also helps in the desert.
  • Wide movepool, consisting of Elemental Fangs, Crunch, Retaliate, Rock Tomb (especilly for Elesa's Emolgas, in case you struggle against her), Dig, Strength, Wild Charge etc.
  • Available very early.
  • Par Speed of just 80.
  • Would have trouble catching it if you particularly need intimidate.

I suggest you to get Stoutland. You can keep the moveset depending upon your other team members.

Ability: Intimidate
- Retaliate / Strength / Giga Impact
- Rock Smash -> Rock Tomb -> Dig -> Anything
- Crunch
- Ice Fang / Fire Fang

Hope this helps :)

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Thank you for taking the time to answer!
Happy to help :)
I think the current world record holder in BW speedrunning used a Stoutland, which probably means it's useful.