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can you say what you are planning for your team in bd/sp?
Just wanted to know that to say which is better for your team.
I think this is 2 separate question, you should ask "what is better" in different question.
Edit in the title to incorporate what you wrote in your description too. Or ask a different question. Otherwise, I guess it might work as a "side-question".
Hmm, that might work.
These are two separate questions, if you want to ask your other question ask it separately
Somewhere in the Grand Underground.

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You can find a Skorupi quickest in the Swampy Cave beneath Twinleaf Town. As soon as you get the Explorer Kit in Eterna City, go back to Twinleaf Town and go underground. One of the areas you can access is the Swampy Cave, and there are Skorupi in there.

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