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What is it? I could nevert figure out what its based off of....

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Snorlax is based off a panda bear. He is fat and lazy and eats a ton, and he is freaking amazing. Hope this helps!

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Reallly? He doesn't look like a bear at all. COOL though..... That means asian dudes can date a female snorlax dododod boom
*Cue Asian person with Large Knife*
*comes in with a large sword*

What was that Ike? >_>
I said asian Bears(I accidentally said people*0*)can date a female snorlax
I always thought that he was based off a fat asian dude. Im not racist
i'm asian............
+1 For being Asian.

And Ike, you put Asian dudes.
sorry, i didn't mean to offend anyone.
Well sorry. I said im not racist. Thats just how i thought it was
lol i don't care at all.
I thought he was just a fat guy that does nothing but eat
Well more like a fat THING
What!? I thought he was based off And if not that then my little brother.