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If not is it because it would be graphic?

I'm mainly thinking about used by a ghost type but please lemme know if any Pokemon at all has used it and which and in what episode.

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Hmm.....interesting......I think Spiritomb might have used it once, But I could be wrong....
If there was more than one Spirtitomb episode, maybe, but the one I saw, there was no curse in it.
Ash stubs his toe. "****************************" Ash used Curse (O.o)

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According to Bulbapedia, the move Curse has not been used in the anime.

As for the reason for it not being used, I would say that it is not an issue of it being too graphic. I would say it is that it's effect doesn't really fit into how anime battles usually go. Stat boosting is rarely seen, and the Ghost type affect also wouldn't really be fitting for the anime. How would it show that it has done damage to itself? And then how do they show the Curse doing damage to the foe? While these effects can be taken for granted in the games, the anime requires an actual full-blown image.

Though true, Ash has been possessed by a curse in the Hoenn series.
You mean that ancient king right? Where the Battle Frontier leader (Brandon was it?) battled with Ash? If so, that wasn't a Pokemon curse but a spirit possession.
I checked Bulbapedia as well and that's why I asked this. FML
Thanks trachy!
Ever think what happens when 5-year-olds watching Pokemon Anime see a pokemon with a nail being drove down it head? 0.0
@MeGusta!  Pokemon is rated TVY7 so five year olds are specifically warned not to watch it. However five year olds tend to watch Y7, so that would teach them a valuable lesson....Follow Age Reccomendations.