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Toxic Spikes, Spikes, Stealth Rock. I'm sorry, but can't people just choose to send out a Pokemon that these moves won't work well against?

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Yes you can, but if Stealth Rock is in play then it will always damage a pokemon switching in a little bit. Every little helps! And it stays there unless you use Rapid Spin to remove it, so every time you switch another pokemon in, it will chip away at your HP.

For most pokemon it will still do 1/8 HP damage. If rock is super-effective against the pokemon it will do 1/4 HP damage, and if rock is double effective, like on a Charizard, it will get rid of half your HP straight away!!

Toxic Spikes is also great because if you lay two sets of spikes, all pokemon switching in (apart from poison) will be badly poisoned.

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Oh, I thought they went away after one use. That's one of the reasons why I didn't use them.
What about steel for the poison from toxic spikes, will they be poisoned?
Nope, nor will poson types, flying types, or Pokemon with levitate.
In conclusion, these three attacks are hacked, and Wi-fi nerds like to abuse them.

I, for one, always hated the idea of these attacks, and with the rumors going around of a Dark-Type Rapid Spin copy and an Ice-Type version of Stealth Rock, online battling balance will just get more broken.

Entry Hazards: The most unnecessary part of the battle formula, due to the stupidly large role they play nowadays.

PS: My bad, I just REALLY hate entry hazards. =D
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I don't like those moves at all. I don't see whos stupid enough to send out a charizard after Stealth Rock. Never once have I used any of those moves. I think that while you are using stealth rock, spikes, etc., they hit you with a good move and pow, that pokmons down. Heres why I think other people like them though. I think that some people have whole defensive battle strategy for pokemon with low attack/special attack. This is the strategy I believe they use.
With Stealth rock, it weakens the opponet immediately, already givin you an advantage. Add in Some toxic poison and theyll be very low on health so even pokemon with low attack/special attack can finish them in one hit.
With Toxic Spikes, if 2 layers are put down, toxic poison is given. Add in a confusing move and the could lose health incredibly quickly leaving you with your weak attack/special attack t finish them off.
With spikes, its the same as stealth rock.

P. S. My charizard you told me to start training this morning with that moveset is already lvl 50.

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That was quick. Did you train against the Elite 4?
Nope, ev trained him. Im just a fast trainer. I played 3 hours today. Also, I did use the exp shareand rebattled chuck a couple times. But he knows Earthquake, Air Slash, Flamethrower, and Dragon Pulse.
What EV training did you do?
Attack, Special Attack, and Speed, mostly. Then a little bit of dfense and sp. defense. His Sp. Attack is only 10 points higher than attack even with his sp. attack characteristic.
How is the Charizard working out? KO-ing everything it faces?
Basically, lost against this trainers lvl 56 Golduck And Chucks Breloom but thats all.