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All I need to completed my team is a fighting type Pokémon!! So who's better, Conkeldurr, or Scrafty or should I get a completely different Pokeémon like Sawk or Throh??

By the way, my team is In-game not online or anything like that
I won't answer seeing as there is already a good one but I'm going to say, for ingame, definitely Scrafty. He can single handedly destroy 3 of the elite four, whereas conkeldurr is helpless against all but one. Also, Scrafty is much faster, so if you are high enough level he is guaranteed to be faster than you opponents.
Scrafty is much faster? Naw. Both of these pokemon are some of the slowest pokemon. Plus Conkeldurr has a MASSIVE attack stat.
Okay not MUCH faster lol.
scrafty is still better ingame
@Spoink: Both of them L00k kind of creepy.

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Since there is no way for me to know if its in-game or not ill answer. If it is metagame and you are in the OU tier then you could use either. But if it is UU tier then you have to use Scrafty from these choices.


This guy is godly if you set him up right. He has more Attack and HP then Scrafty and it can make for the lower defense with Bulk Up. It would definitely have a lot of bulk and attack making it the perfect candidate to sweep a team. Pair him with Guts and Flame Orb to add even more attack. Or you could give it Leftovers so it can survive longer. Thats a matter of choice. If you decide to go with this guy here is a link to his moveset question so you can find one that fits you or get some inspiration.


He is IMO under-rated at what he does. Since this guy has Dragon Dance you could easily sweep a team with it. It gets Moxie which is a great ability. Anybody with it could sweep a team. Trust me if he gets of a few Dragon Dances up and it has Moxie you team will probably be swept unless you get stuck against one of its many counters. There is a reason its UnderUsed. But he is one of the best Fighting types of the UU tier. He has more Defense, Speed, Special Attack, and Special Defense than Conkeldurr but that doesnt make it better. Here is moveset question for this guy incase you want to check it out.

Short Summary for the lazies: If its OU go for Conkeldurr if its UU you have no choice but Scrafty(Of course only if these two are you only choice, but i would still choose scrafty over the other UU fighting types.(Thats just me)

my personal fav since its easier to get is scrafty and i usually use him quite effectively so i guess hes right about either but i only have a gurrdurr
Just to add another point of view to this, I would have to say that I have never used scrafty, but conkeldurr is a freaking monster.
You'll want Conkeldurr after you see his attack stat.
Between those two my favorite is Conkelderr
besides, I don't even have a Scrafty.
Scrafty does look kinda weird.
I love them both. Though i love scrafty moar <3