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479 views has it as 190 while bulbapedia and smogon have it at 200.

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Hey, did you know that a Pokemon level 41-60 has a 1% chance of picking up a Lucky Egg in HG/SS? I find that amazing.
Cool, where can I find a high lvl pokemon with pickup?
Now that is a good question. Usually all the Pickup POkemon are level 3 or up to level 16. I'll come back to you on the highest level one you can find.
Level 43 Teddiursa on Mt Silver Floor 2.
Sweet! Ill Get One Of Those!

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Out of every Pokemon forum and fansite that gives a description of Trump Card, Serebii and Marriland are the only ones that claim Trump Card to have a 190 Base Power with 1 PP.

Serebii, along with Marriland, have been wrong in many of their articles before, and since there's at least a 90% majority for 200 BP, I'd have to say that 200 is Trump Card's Base Power.

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I'd agree with you on this. Thanks!