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Which is a better move and why?

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wil think about BA later

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Ok,first.Let's review the two moves.

Muddy Water-Special
PP 10(max 16)

Muddy Water has the same base power as Surf.But it has less accuracy
and PP.But it does have 30% chance of lowering accuracy.

PP-15 (max 24)

While Surf has more accuracy and PP.But doesn't have a side-effect.

Conclusion:I would go with Surf because of it's reliability.(But I
wouldn't go with it in double battles.)

hope I helped

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Why wouldn't you go Surf in double battles? They both hit both Pokemon.
it hits ur alley as well
she's saying best not to use it in Double battles.Its better in single i guess
Then pair up with a Pokemon with Water Absorb :P
like politoed
Yeah, I use that trick a lot ;)
or dry skin toxicroak rocks
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I would suggest using Surf over Muddy Water.
Surf and Muddy Water have the exact same typing and BP, but Surf has higher accuracy and more PP. Even though Muddy Water has the slight chance of dropping a stat of accuracy, the chance of it hitting ruins it. Go for Surf.

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