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Can I ???

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Sorry Scizornician but you're wrong. Pokemon can be EV trained at lvl 100 in Gen. 5, any other generation and they can not be EV trained at lvl 100

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Ok then .
this is correct...
Really i didn't know that!
Well, you CAN physically DO the training, but it won't be worth anything.
Actually, in games prior to Generation V, there is a way. It's called the "Box Method." Basically, you have to EV train a Pokemon, then put it into a box, then take it out. It's tedious, but it works because EVs are recalculated every time you deposit and withdraw a Pokemon from a box.
Although the box method really only works in Gen I and II. In Gen III and IV, it kinda works, through allowing you to use vitamins to boost your stats, but vitamins don't boost your stats to the max, making the method somewhat useless.