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Share your best in-game teams for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl on this thread! Teams should be aimed toward making casual runs of the game efficient, enjoyable and hassle-free.

Please follow these guidelines regarding detail in your post:

  1. For every Pokemon on the team, give recommended moves for use throughout the playthrough. This isn't restricted to the four moves you'll finish with post-game!
  2. You can include items, abilities, etc. but they are not necessary.
  3. Provide explanation and detail. Justify your Pokemon and moveset choices; possible discussion points include ease-of-use, team synergy and coverage for key battles.

Please also follow these guidelines regarding the contents of your team:

  1. If you recommend a Pokemon that is restricted by version exclusivity, trade evolution or events, please mention alternatives for people who cannot get the Pokemon.
  2. There are some unspoken rules of in-game teams, such as to keep the starter on the team, use a team of six Pokemon, and avoid legendaries. It's kind to give other options if you break these rules.
  3. Avoid recommending Pokemon, moves, etc. that are only available through glitches or cheats.
  4. Original teams only; don't post teams you found somewhere else, e.g. YouTube.

Submit your team as an answer, not a comment. To keep things tidy, we will remove any teams posted as comments in this thread. If you want to update your post, use the 'edit' button.

Please use the Platinum thread to share teams for Platinum.
Please use the BD/SP thread to share teams for BD/SP.

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Infernape, Staraptor, Gengar, Floatzel, Roserade, Garchomp
Empoleon, Staraptor, Gengar, Roserade, Garchomp, Machamp
Can we have egg moves?
If they can learn it then, I’m pretty sure you can.

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With Turtwig as the starter: Torterra, Staraptor, Gengar, Rapidash, Floatzel, Lucario

Torterra: Earthquake, Rock Slide, Razor Leaf, Rock Climb/Cut
-Your Starter. Earthquake is STAB and it is excellent at that. Rock Slide is coverage. Razor Leaf is Grass type STAB. Rock Climb is an HM attack. As is Cut. Rock Climb is the better attack but I think Cut is more useful for ingame.

Staraptor: Fly, Return, Close Combat, Aerial Ace
-Your Flying type. Needs to have Fly, which is one of the most useful utilities ingame. Aerial Ace provides more reliable STAB though. So does Return, although Return doesn't have SE coverage. Close Combat does though. Having high attack, high Speed, and the excellent Intimidate makes this thing more usable than past Flying types. Thing is BL, which is pretty much OU.

Haunter/Gengar: Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, Energy Ball, Sludge Bomb
-Shadow Ball and Sludge Bomb are STAB while Thunderbolt and Energy Ball are coverage. Haunter and Gengar are great in that they have excellent typing (immunities are even more amazing ingame than in competitive, as many foes won't have coverage attacks) and excellent Special Attack and Speed.

Rapidash: Flamethrower, Strength, Megahorn, Iron Tail
-Pretty much the only Fire type you can get ingame, at least before he E4. It has decent offenses, and nice Speed. An immunity with Flash Fire isn't the greatest in DP ingame, but it doesn't hurt. Flamethrower is STAB. Megahorn and Iron Tail are coverage. And Strength is a helpful HM.

Floatzel: Surf, Waterfall, Crunch, Rock Smash
-Every ingame team needs a Water type, if only for the fact that Surf is the most important move in the game. Like everything else on the team, Floatzel has good offenses and good Speed. And it can be obtained early, again like most everything on the team (the entire team can be obtained before the 7th Gym. And 5/6 can be obtained before the 3rd Gym). Floatzel is like an HM slave, it has Surf, Waterfall, and Rock Smash. Crunch is coverage.

Lucario: Aura Sphere, Flash Cannon, Dark Pulse, Dragon Pulse
-Everybody wants a Lucario. An awesome Pokemon with the coveted Steel typing, plus the lovely Fighting type. Excellent offenses and solid Speed makes this Pokemon a keeper for ingame. Flash Cannon and Aura Sphere are STAB, Dark Pulse and Dragon Pulse are coverage.

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who could you use instead of gengar?
mismagius, but only if you are playing pearl.
If you can`t trade with a friend then you can use Froslass instead of Gengar, although despite that Haunter is also good stat wise having base 115 sp attack and 95 speed.
I like this but I would go with infernape and for more coverage use an eeveelution probs Jolteon and teach it shadowball
The trade glitch doesn't work anymore.
Instead of gengar you can use murkcrow for diamond or Misdreavus for pearl
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Empoleon - Water/Steel
Ability: Torrent/Defiant(Hidden)
Moveset: Surf/Waterfall/Earthquake/Drill Peck
Surf gains STAB, and is HM
Waterfall gains STAB and can flinch, but Empoleon have low speed, and is HM
Earthquake for coverage Electric weakness and is very strong and popular
Drill Peck for coverage Fighting weakness

Drifblim - Ghost/Flying
Ability: Aftermath/Unburden/Flare Boost(Hidden)
Moveset: Hidden Power(Fighting)/Shadow Ball/Fly/Cut
Hidden Power(Fighting) for coverage Dark, Rock and Ice
Shadow Ball gains STAB and can lower's the special defense
Fly gains STAB, and is HM
Cut only deals damage, and is HM

Rapidash - Fire
Ability: Flash Fire/Run Away/Flame Body(Hidden)
Moveset: Solar Beam/Flamethrower/Flare Blitz/Sunny Day
Solar Beam for coverage Rock, Ground and Water weakness, so can defeat all with one move
Flamethrower gains STAB and can burn
Flare Blitz gains STAB and will be the most strong move. Can be more powerful with the Reckless(Hidden Ability)
Sunny Day is to deal suport: use Solar Beam in 1 turn, power up Flamethrower and Flare Blitz

Lucario - Fighting/Steel
Ability: Steadfast/Inner Focus/Justified(Hidden)
Moveset: Aura Sphere/Water Pulse/Flash Cannon/Rock Climb
Aura Sphere never miss and has 90 base power, so is one of strongest Fighting move
Water Pulse is to coverage Ground and Fire weakness and can confuse the target
Flash Cannon can lower the oponent special defense
Rock Climb can confuse the target, and is HM

Raichu - Electric
Ability: Static/Lightingrod(Hidden)
Moveset: Thunderbolt/Grass Knot/Volt Tackle/Rock Smash
Thunderbolt gains STAB and can paralyz
Grass Knot for coverage Ground weakness
Volt Tackle gains STAB, but takes recoil and can paralyz
Rock Smash can lower the target's defense, and is HM

Ability: Sand Stream/Sand Force(Hidden)
Moveset: Strenght/Thunder Fang/Earthquake/Fire Fang
Strenght only deals damage, and is HM
Thunder Fang for coverage Water weakness
Earthquake deal high damage and can hit all Pokemons in tag battle and gains STAB
Fire Fang for coverage Ice and Grass weakness

No need HM 05 - Defog cause dont will make much difference
Comment if this help you and to I make more best team =)

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can you tell me the strategie of how you will &when you will get the pokemon
Surely drifbloom is weak to electric which means most electric moves will be a ohko which means dig should have been on drifbloom
I know I am late, but Hidden Abilities doesn't exist in Gen-4
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Let me provide a team for each starter.

Infernape team: [Infernape, Floatzel, Staraptor, Luxray, Hippowdon / Garchomp, Roserade]
Empoleon team: [Empoleon, Staraptor, Rapidash, Raichu, Hippowdon / Garchomp, Weavile]
Torterra team: [Torterra, Floatzel, Staraptor, Rapidash, Raichu, Weavile]

[The options for ground types depending upon the availability of Earthquake TM, i.e. if you can gain momentum and jump off the particular ledge in Wayward Cave]

Fire types:

Infernape Rapidash

Ability: Blaze
- Flare Blitz / Fire Blast / Flamethrower
- Close Combat / Focus Blast
- Grass Knot
- Shadow Claw

Infernape is a starter. Pick Chimchar from Rowan's suitcase if you want Infernape. It can learn Close Combat and Flare Blitz by Level up (41 and 57 Respectively). Fire Blast and Flamethrower are TMs which can be used until he learns Flare Blitz. Use focus Blast if you want a Special Alternative, but it has low accuracy. Grass knot and Shadow Claw are coverages and are TMs.

Ability: Run Away / Flash Fire
- Flare Blitz / Fire Blast / Flamethrower
- Bounce
- Sunny Day
- Solar Beam

I wouldn't recommend you to use this 'mon. Since there are only two Fire types in DP, you might need him. Flare Blitz and Bounce are learnt by level up (level 58 and 49 respectively). Fire Blast and Flamethrower are TMs which can be used until he learns Flare Blitz. Sunny Day is just a filler and Solar Beam is for coverages (and are TMs).

Water types:

Empoleon Floatzel

Ability: Torrent
- Surf
- Waterfall
- Drill Peck
- Flash Cannon

Surf and Waterfall are useful HMs. Drill Peck for Coverage and is learnt at level 52. Flash Cannon is TM.

Floatzel @
Ability: Swift Swim
- Surf
- Waterfall
- Ice Beam / Ice Punch
- Crunch

Surf and Waterfall are HMs. Ice Beam is TM and Ice Punch is from Move Tutor, choose whichever is easy to obtain, it is for coverage. Crunch is neutral Coverage and is learnt at level 26.

Grass types:

Torterra Roserade

Ability: Overgrow
- Wood Hammer
- Earthquake
- Crunch
- Leech Seed

Wood Hammer is STAB and requires Heart Scale to obtain it. Crunch is neutral coverage and is learnt at level 45. Earthquake is Stab and is learnt at level 32 and Leech Seed for Bulky 'mons and is learnt at level 33.

Ability: Nature Cure
- Petal Dance / Grass Knot
- Shadow Ball
- Sludge Bomb
- Leech Seed / Giga Drain

Petal Dance, Sludge Bomb and grass knot are Stab. Petal Dance learnt at lvl 40 as Roselia. Shadow Ball is for Coverage. Leech Seed is for Bulky 'mons and Giga Drain heals you often.



Staraptor @ Shell Bell
Ability: Intimidate
- Brave Bird
- Close Combat
- Roost / Defog
- Fly

Brave Bird and Close Combat are mandatory for this beast, learnt at level 49 and 34 respectively. Fly and Defog are HMs, and Roost is to heal you often. Shell Bell is located in Hearthome City.

Electric types:

Luxray Raichu

Ability: Intimidate / Rivalry
- Charge
- Spark / Thunder Fang
- Crunch
- Thunderbolt / Scary Face

Charge is to raise SpD and double the damage of Electric moves, learnt at level 9. Crunch is neutral coverage, learnt at level 35. Spark and Thunder Fang are good physical electric moves, learnt at level 18 and 42 respectively. Thunderbolt if you want high power electric move and Scary Face to help its poor Speed.

Ability: Static
- Thunderbolt
- Strength
- Grass Knot
- Whatever TM

Thunderbolt is Stab and learnt at level 26. Strength is a HM. Grass Knot is Ground coverage. The last slot is of your choice.

Ground types:

Torterra Hippowdon Garchomp

Ability: Sand Stream
- Crunch
- Earthquake
- Yawn
- Fire Fang / Rock Slide / Rock Tomb / Stone Edge

Crunch, again, is neutral coverage move. Earthquake is STAB and is learnt at level 40. Yawn puts the foe to sleep, learnt at level 13. Fire Fang requires Heart Scale, and the rest are TMs, which are coverage.

Ability: Sand Veil
- Crunch
- Earthquake
- Rock Climb
- Dragon Claw -> Dragon Rush



Ability: Pressure
- Ice Shard
- Night Slash / Thief
- Slash / X-Scissor
- Brick Break

Ice Shard is Priority (doesn't matter since he is already fast), and the only Ice stab, learnt at level 49 as Sneasel. Night Slash is Stab, learnt at level 35 as Weavile. Thief is 60 base power TM which you can use. Slash is high crit hit, is neutral coverage, learnt at level 35. X Scissor is just neutral coverage and is a TM. Brick Break is for coverage and is a TM.

Roark (Rock): Handled by the starters.
Gardenia (Grass): Handled by Monferno and Staravia
Maylene (Fighting): Handled by Monferno and Staravia
Crasher Wake (Water): Handled by Luxray, Roselia and Raichu
Fantina (Ghost): Handled by Floatzel and Luxray
Byron (Steel): Handled by Infernape, Staraptor, Torterra, Gabite, Hippowdon and Rapidash
Candice (Ice): Handled by Infernape, Staraptor and Rapidash
Volkner (Electric): Handled by Torterra, Gabite and Hippowdon

Aaron (Bug): Handled by Staraptor, Infernape, Rapidash and Weavile
Bertha (Ground): Grass Knot Sweep
Flint (Fire): Handled by Hippowdon, Floatzel, Rapidash or Infernape and Empoleon, Garchomp
Lucian (Psychic): Handled by Infernape, Rapidash, Floatzel, Luxray, Torterra, Hippowdon, Garchomp and Weavile.

Spiritomb: Staraptor
Gastrodon: Grass Knot
Roserade: Rapidash / Infernape / Staraptor / Weavile
Milotic: Grass Knot / Thunderbolt
Lucario: Infernape / Staraptor / Garchomp
Garchomp: Weavile / Floatzel

You see, how many times Infernape has repeated, clearly stating that it is a suitable starter.

The ground Types I have mentioned can learn Earthquake by level up, where it is difficult to obtain a TM.

These items make the sweeping gyms and E4 easy (Optional)

Dread Plate (Dark) - Fantina and Lucian
Location: Old Chateau

Earth Plate (Ground) - Byron, Volkner and Flint
Location: Oreburg Gate

Fist Plate (Fighting) - Byron and Candice
Location: Route 215

Icicle Plate (Ice) - Cynthia
Location: Route 217

Miracle Seed (Grass) - Crasher Wake, Bertha
Location: Floaroma Meadows

Mystic Water / Splash Plate (Water) - Flint
Location: Pastoria City / Route 219

TM Locations
Hope this helps :)

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Moves: Flamethrower, Flare Blitz/Fire Blast/Blast Burn, Close Combat, Stone Edge
-Flamethrower is a good fire type move, good accuracy, STAB, with no side effects
-The powerful fire attacks are for hard hits, to make sure the opponent takes serious damage
-Close Combat is a good fighting type move, STAB, just be careful about the defense drops, because Infernape's defenses aren't good anyway.
-Stone Edge counters flying types, its a good move in general, but low accuracy so don't rely on it.

Moves: Fly, Brave Bird, Close Combat, Hyper Beam/U-Turn
-Fly is a good flying move, and you need it to beat the game, its a HM
-Brave Bird is an really powerful move, but watch out for the recoil
-Close Combat counters rocks, good move overall
-Hyper Beam is powerful, STAB, just be careful because of side effects, U-Turn to get out of there quick

Moves:ThunderBolt, Thunder, Crunch, Iron Tail
-ThunderBold is STAB, good accuracy.
-Thunder is really powerful, 100% accuracy in rain
-Crunch is just good
-Iron Tail is powerful but inaccurate

Moves: Surf, Waterfall, Ice Beam/Ice Punch, Brick Break
-Surf is good, Floatzel's a better attacker than special attacker, but you need Surf to get through the game
-Waterfall is good too, and you need it
-Ice Beam is a nice ice type move that a lot of water types learn, but I would recommend ice punch
-Brick Break is just good

Moves: Energy Ball, Petal Dance, Sludge Bomb, Shadow Ball
-Energy Ball is a nice grass type, and Roserade has way better Special Attack than Attack
-Petal Dance is an awesome move, more PP than Energy Ball, but it has to repeat and you get confused at the end
-Sludge Bomb is STAB, nice poison move
-Shadow Ball is a nice ghost move for Roserade

Garchomp dat BOSS
Moves: Dragon Claw, Dragon Rush/Outrage, E-Quake, Crunch
-Dragon Claw is a descent dragon move, nice accuracy
-Dragon Rush is a great powered, but really inaccurate move, I would have Outrage but you have to breed to get it. If you do get Outrage be careful after some uses you get confused.

I would catch a random Bibarel or two and teach it some HMs, use it when you need it. Also, if you don't like any of these move sets just keep in mind the different Pokemon stats like DO NOT GIVE GARCHOMP SP. ATTACKING MOVES HE IS A PHYSICAL ATTACKER NO MATTER WHAT

Pretty nice team but keep in mind luxray is not a sp. attacker so I would give him thunder fang or wild charge but you get wild charge on lvl 63 I think.  I know it is hard with a infernape as starter but there is not really a "tank" in this team who has very good def. and sp. def. stats.
Very nice team . But dont think that Gyarados is better than floatzel?
Great team! A lot of coverage
"I would give him thunder fang or wild charge but you get wild charge on lvl 63" but wild charge doesn't exist in gen 4.
I take back what i said earlier,  gabite learns Crunch upon evolution into garchomp
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This was my team as I played through Diamond. They were amazing. Keep in mind that Honchkrow is exclusive to Diamond and is not available in Pearl. There are many other Pokemon you can substitute as a flying type in Pearl though. Also, I feel items are preference, whether you like berries, or items to boost a Pokemon's stat, it is up to you.

Ice Beam
Drill Peck
Aqua Ring

Empoleon is a special attacker. Surf is a STAB. Ice Beam is for coverage. Drill peck... cause why not. Aqua Ring though is an egg move though, so it is up to you. If you don't want to go through the trouble of breeding, use another move to your preference.

Brick Break

Thunderbolt... cause he's Raichu... Brick Break is good because we are not going to be really dedicating one Pokemon to fighting. Agility to make em' fast. For Raichu, attract is preference. I personally love it on Raichu, very effective. Keep in mind that Raichu is both a special and physical attacker.

Flare Blitz
Iron Tail
Double Team

Rapidash is pretty much the only fire type you can use if you don't pick Chimchar as your starter. Flamethrower is your STAB. Flare Blitz is very good on Rapidash because her physical attack is higher then her special. Iron Tail is also good as it is also a physical attack. The last move is up to you. I put on Double Team because I thought it fit nicely.

Magical Leaf
Sludge Bomb/Solar Beam

Roserade is huge on special attack. Magical Leaf = STAB. Synthesis cause.. yeah. Toxic is perfect for long battles, as it increases in damage over time. Use Sludge Bomb if you want a good poison type move on your Roserade, but Solar Beam if you wanna' be cool.

Dark Pulse
Shadow Ball
Nasty Plot

Honchkrow is by far one of my favorite Pokemon. Fly, Dark Pulse, and Shadow Ball are all amazing moves. Nasty Plot boosts your sp. attack by two stages helping out the damage your Dark Pulse and Shadow Ball do. You may also use Perish Song, which is a very fun move to use. It is an egg move though.

Dragon Claw
Swords Dance

Garchomp is another great one. Earthquake + Dragon Claw + Crunch = <3. And all swords dance does is just make all those moves better. So yeah.

Hope I helped! :)

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Pokémon 1: Torterra

Giga Drain
Rock Smash
Rock Climb

This Pokémon has a decent moveset, and can destroy Cynthia's Milotic, Lucario and Gastrodon, along with Roark, Byron, Volkner, Crasher Wake, and Maylene. It only has problems with Candice, Aaron, and Flint.

Pokémon 2: Staraptor

Close Combat
Steel Wing

This Pokémon can handle Aaron, Maylene, and Cynthia's Roserade. It also can destroy most of Flint's team.

Pokémon 3: Luxray

Rain Dance

This Pokémon can easily beat Crasher Wake, and has a good attack, being able to OHKO most opponents

Pokémon 4: Drapion

Cross Poison
Rock Slide
Fire Fang

This Pokémon is great for Fantina and Lucian. Since it has access to Fire Fang, it can destroy Bronzong and Aaron

Pokémon 5: Weavile

Ice Beam
Night Slash
Metal/Shadow Claw

Due to Weavile's great speed, it can take out Cynthia's Garchomp with an Ice Beam. It also can demolish Flint's Drifblim, Cynthia's Roserade and Lucian.

Pokémon 6: Gyarados

Dragon Pulse

Gyarados was chosen over the other Water Types because it 4x Weakness is rarely seen, and you should know by then that water doesn't like electricity. Rock is its 2x weakness, but a Waterfall or Earthquake it OHKO/2HKO it.

Two dark types, and two flying types.
Gyarados+Staraptor is OK but why Drapion+Weavile?
Ik I am late, but

"Due to Weavile's great speed, it can take out Cynthia's Garchomp with an Ice Beam"

Are you serious? Weavile has only 45 SpA stat when compared to massive 120 Atk stat. Give it Ice Shard (Sneasel can learn by level up) or Ice Punch (move tutor).

Also why did you give Flamethrower, a Special attack to Gyarados when its SpA stat is only 60?
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The team I used for both Diamond and Pearl (not going to use version exclusives):

Starter: Infernape, offensively, it's the best of the three starters, since it has good attack and special attack and is fast, early game is really easy, since it destroys the first and second gyms. Also, sweeps the Steel Gym in Canalave City, Ice gym in Snowpoint City and first Elite Four member Lucian's Bronzong, and Cynthia's Roserade.
Moveset: Flare Blitz, Close Combat, Grass Knot (really useful against the second Elite Four member and the Water/Ground type Pokemon), Stone Edge (for Flying types)

Flyer: Staraptor, probably the best flying sweeper you can ask for. You can get Starly really early game, destroys Fighting gym and Grass gym. When you finally get Staraptor, it deals massive damage because of Close Combat and Brave Bird. Helpful against the fire Elite Four member and Cynthia's Roserade.
Moveset: Brave Bird (got rid of Fly in Canalave right before Elite Four, then retaught it after beating Elite Four), Close Combat, Roost (for Brave Bird recoil), Return (since you get it early game, friendship level will be high by late game)

Raichu: for the Water gym, didn't need a Grass type because of Grass knot on Infernape, which wipes out Quagsire, so Electric would be best for Crasher Wake's Gyarados. You get Shinx early game, and its stats are good and all, better than Pikachu/Raichu, once it becomes a Luxray, but its movepool is trash, and Pikachu learns Thunderbolt at level 26, so, in my opinion, it was the best option. The Light Ball is really rare, so I just got a Thunderstone by Sunyshore. Also good against the bird trainers, swimmers, and Cynthia's Milotic.
Moveset: Thunderbolt (obviously), Brick Break, Iron Tail, Thunder Wave/Attract (your preference, either is good)

Steelix: For the last gym, and, with Earthquake, it can deal massive damage. The reason I used Steelix and not any other ground type(s) that are a little better is because I'm lazy. You can literally pick it up at Iron Island at a decent level, and you can train it with Riley to earn more exp., too. Also, it destroyed the Ice gym with Gyro Ball (from Veilstone Game Corner prize) or Iron Tail, but it's low accuracy. Also destroys the third Elite Four and, for Flint's Steelix and Loppuny, I used Infernape and Staraptor,
Moveset: Earthquake (obviously, you can get the TM after Canalave gym in Wayward Cave under Cycling Road), Double Edge (good with the ability Rock Head), Gyro Ball, Crunch

Weavile: Useful against the Elite Four, has great attack and speed, like the first two, destroys Lucian and Cynthia's Garchomp. You can pick up the Razor Claw in Victory Road to evolve it. Ice moves also good against the second Elite Four member.
Moveset: Night Slash (the move I used to demolish all of Lucian's Pokemon, except for Bronzong (used Infernape for Bronzong)), Ice Punch (from Shard Collector near Pastoria City) or Avalanche, which is also good, Aerial Ace (for Fighting types, you will most likely outspeed and, hopefully, ohko it before you get demolished), Dig (strong move for Fire, Rock, and Steel types)

Last slot: Your choice, but I only used five Pokemon because my last slot was my HM slave Bibarel. Not worth leveling up because of bad stats and not good in battle against gyms and the Elite Four. Used Bibarel as my surfer, too

Hippowdon may be a better substitute for Steelix, due to stats, but I find the Steel dual typing more useful in game. Also, I was too lazy to level up a Hippopotas at that point in the game. Same goes for Gible, it's obviously better, but training it to Garchomp is time consuming when Steelix can do the job just as good, without all that leveling up.

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Type: Fire/Fighting
Ability: Blaze
Hold Item: Leftovers/Flame Plate/Fist Plate/Scope Lens
~Evolve your Chimchar(if you chose him as the starter)
Close Combat/Focus Blast
Flare Blitz/Fire Blast
Flamethrower(If you want fire type move with greater accuracy and higher PP)
Brick Break(If you want fighting type move with no negative side-effects and higher PP)
~It's up to you if you want to change the last two moves.

Type: Flying/Normal
Ability: Intimidate
Hold Item: Leftovers/Sharp Beak/Sky Plate
~Evolve Starly -> Staravia
Close Combat (just coverage for its weakness like Rock and Ice types)
Aerial Ace(unavoidable flying attack)
Brave Bird(If you want a high damage Flying Attack just beware of its recoil damage)

Type: Water/Ground
Ability: Sticky Hold/Storm Drain
Hold Item: Leftovers/Soft Sand/Earth Plate/Splash Plate
~Evolve Shellos(I suggest to get it earlier in the game in the Valley Windworks)
Surf(a decent HM move)
Ice Beam/Blizzard
Waterfall(you can change this however)

Type: Electric
Ability: Intimidate/Rivalry
Hold Item: Magnet/Black Glasses/Dread Plate/Zap Plate
~Evolve Shinx -> Luxio
Toxic(if you don't want, you can change it)

Type: Psychic/Steel
Ability: Levitate/Fire Proof
Hold Item: Mind Plate/Iron Plate
~Evolve Bronzor
Gyro Ball(so you can use his slow speed as his advantage)
Pay Back(just like what I said for Gyro Ball)
Grass Knot(so you can defeat Water/Ground types easily and also all the Water/Ground type Pokemons in this game has such slow speed)

Type: Dragon/Ground (sorry for another Ground type Pokemon, but he is just a great Dragon Pokemon here in Pokemon Diamond)
Ability: Sand Veil
Hold Item: Draco Plate/Dragon Fang
~Evolve Gible -> Gabite
Dragon Rush
Draco Meteor
Earthquake(you can change this either)
Brick Break(for decent coverage for Ice type Pokemons? :D)

If you don't want a double Ground Type, then I recommend to put away
Garchomp and put in Skuntank

Type: Poison/Dark
Ability: Stench/Aftermath
Hold Item: Dread Plate/Toxic Plate/Black Glasses/Poison Barb
~Evolve Stunky
Night Slash
Sludge Bomb/Poison Jab
Flamethrower(for Steel Types but you can change this if you want)

I would better prefer metagross . And I would not keep gastrodon and bronzong in my team. Nor I kept skuntank and garchomp.
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I plan on rerunning my diamond game with my old team and I thought I would share it with you.


Ability: Torrent
Moves: Surf, Ice Beam, Grass Knot, Stealth Rock
Good special attack, resistances against common attacking types, coupled with stealth rock makes Empoleon a strong force in-game. Also grass knot and stealth rock are obtained early in-game and surf is a useful HM.


Ability: Flash Fire
Moves: Megahorn, Flare Blitz, Poison Jab, Strength
My physical powerhouse, obtained early-midgame and is the only other fire type besides Infernape and GBA insertion Pokemon. Strength is another useful HM which I threw in because I was unsure on it's 4th moveslot, Only downside is it evolves at level 40.


Ability: Natural Cure
Moves: Sludge Bomb, Synthesis, Energy Ball, Facade
The reason I threw in facade is because I planned on teaching shadow ball to another Pokemon, also, paired with natural cure you can switch out after using facade to remove the status effect. It is obtained early on in the gale but is pretty much useless until it evolves from Budew to Roselia so I tend to catch a Roselia later on ingame, around Pastoria. Also I beleive shiny stone can be obtained underground.

Ability: Super Luck
Moves: Nasty Plot, Dark Pulse, Shadow Ball, Roost
Found it difficult to fill the moveslots of a physical Honchkrow without the use of the move tutor which is only in PtHgSs so I went for a special sweeper instead. Threw in Roost because of frail defences. Murkrow is obtained early on and has to be evolvled with a dark stone, which I think can be found underground along with shiny stone.

Ability: Intimidate
Moves: Close Combat, Brave Bird, Fly, U-Turn
I know it's not a good idea to have 2 flying type Pokemon but I made an exception because I liked both Honchkrow and Staraptor. Found very early on and easy enough to train, starly was the first Pokemon I caught. Staraptor is my glass cannon, with poweful moves such as close combat and brave bird that have hindering effects to itself it easily OHKOs or 2HKOs most Pokemon. Fly is for convenience as is U-Turn.

Ability: Sand Veil
Moves: Dragon Claw, Brick Break, Earthquake, Crunch
Probably the last Pokemon I caught anf difficult to train but, when it evolves it is completely worth it a better physical attacker than Staraptor and Rapidash, I often just bring PP restoring items and spam earthquake for most of the E4.

I hope you will use my team in future playthroughs and I am happy to have been of anyones assistance.

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This was my team back when I played diamond:
Ability: Blaze
- Flare Blitz
- Close Combat
- Grass Knot
- Shadow Claw (?) (Note:The answer originally had Metal Claw, which Infernape can’t learn. He said it covered psychic, so I assume he meant Shadow Claw.)
Flare Blitz and Close Combat are STABs. Grass Knot covers rock. Shadow Claw covers psychic.
Staraptor @ Quick Claw
Ability: Intimidate
- Fly
- Brave Bird
- Heat Wave
- Close Combat
Fly is STAB and is an HM. Brave Bird is STAB. Heat Wave and Close Combat are coverage against Ice and Rock, respectively.
Ability: Swift Swim
- Aqua Tail
- Brine
- Dig
- Ice Punch
Aqua tail and Brine are STAB. Dig beats Electric. Ice Punch beats grass.
Ability: Levitate
- Shadow Ball
- Nasty Plot
- Ominous Wind
- Toxic
Shadow Ball is STAB. Ominous wind is STAB and can raise stats. Nasty Plot boosts SpA. Toxic is, well, Toxic.
Ability: Snow Warning
- Wood Hammer
- Blizzard
- Water Pulse
- Brick Break
Wood Hammer and Blizzard are STABs. Water Pulse covers fire. Brick Break covers rock.
Ability: Sand Veil
- Dig
- Draco Meteor
- Flamethrower
- Dragon Rush
Dig, Draco Meteor, and Dragon Rush are STAB. Flamethrower covers ice.

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garchom(o) really????????????????????
But Brick Break isn't good against Bug types...
Heat Wave is post game, so include any other move (Close Combat also covers Ice Weakness, so leaving Heat Wave doesn't matter).

How can Metal Claw cover Infernape's Psychic Weakness? I think you meant Shadow Claw.

Floatzel doesn't learn Aqua Tail and Brine in DP. Replace it with Surf and Waterfall?

How can Brick Break cover Bug types? I think you meant Rock and steel types.
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recommended team
moves:hydro cannon,surf,drill peck,ice beam
item:quick claw since speed may be slow
empoleon is awesome at defense but lacks speed

moves:draco meteor,dragon pulse,flamethrower,anymove
item:amulet coin to gain money
garchomp is all round awesome

moves:grass whistle,xscissor,leafblade,shadowball
leafeon is a speeedy devillish easy to evolve grass type

moves:thunder,thunderwave,iron tail,brickbreak
raichu is probably the best electric type but electivire could be better

moves:meanlook,night shade fly, aerial ace
good special attacker and mean look sure comes in handy

moves:metalburst,earthquake,focus punch,any move of your choice
item:anything really
aggron is a tank he is really hard to take out he was my last Pokemon against cynthia and he beat her lucario spiritomb and gastrodon .

thanks for reading
by bimbo22!!!

Leafeon isn't in DP.
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Okay,Let's Do This!

Torterra It is a VERY Bulky Pokemon and has very good attack too,the only problem is that it's speed is 50 but other than that is is very good
Moveset:Wood Hammer(Stab),Giga Drain/Leech Seed(More stab,+it heals torterra)Earthquake(Even more Stab),Crunch(Even more stab than that)

Luxray None of it's stats are bad at all with physical attack being the highest
Moveset:Thunder(Stab)Thunderbolt(More stab,Cruch(Coverage against ghost types),Scary Face(lowers Speed).

Staraptor This Pokemons Attack is VERY good at a height of 125! Trust me you want this Pokemon very badly.
Moveset:Fly(Good stab and good hm move too),Brave Bird(Now These ARE words of clemont the scientist,"Brave Bird is By Far one of the strongest flying type moves!",If he says it,you know it's true),Close combat(coverage for rock type weakness),aerial(It always hits even after protect)

Garchomp None of it's stats are bad honestly,it is actully kinda like dragonite,accept somehow better. Moveset:Dig/Earthquake(Regular stab)Dragon Claw,Dragon rush(both of these are just stabs),Crunch(Well,why not,It's crunch and it's powerful so i'm keeping it)

Gyrados Most of you will hate me for this because ik Magikarp is VERY hard to train,but once you get that Magikarp to lvl.20 your hard trainin days are OVER Moveset:Surf(Stab and Hm),Ice beam(Coverage against dragon-types),Hydro pump("staby' water-type move),Crunch(again no reason for having it,it's there because crunch is a good move)

Rapidash It's the awsome fire-type member,Great at attack and speed,It's RAPIDASH!
Moveset:Megahorn(Staby bug-type move),Flare blitz(staby fire-type move,ignore the recoil),Stomp,(good stab and has a chance of making target flinch),Bounce(kinda like fly and it's just really good.

Crunch isn't STAB for Torterra and for Luxray I would say to put wild charge/ spark since it has higher attack. Also, aerial ace doesn't hit if protect is used, and megahorn, stomp, and if you put leech seed on torterra they would all not have STAB.
@SantasLittleHelper, Wild Charge isn't in Gen-4. Thunder Fang is better, but it doesn't matter if you use a Special Attack since their BP is higher.
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Piplup - Prinplup - Empoleon
Surf Drill Peck
Waterfal Ice Beam

Starly - Staravia - Starraptor
Fly Brave Bird
Close Combat Aerial Ace

Budew - Roselia - Roserade
Sludge Bomb Giga Drain
Solar Beam Sunny Day

Shinx - Luxio - Luxray
Thunder Thunder Fang
Strength Crunch

Riolu - Lucario
Aura Sphere Close Combat
Water Pulse Dragon Pulse

Gible - Gabite - Garchomp
Earthquake Dragon Rush
Draco Meteor Slash

Umm, Lucario can't learn Water Pulse even from TM... Also, Garchomp can't learn Draco Meteor.....
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I'll try to keep it brief... and please note, there will not be a fire type but I don't think they're extremely helpful in this game besides infernape.


Wood Hammer
Leech Seed

super reliable tanky starter of pure death. try to make it a decent nature like adamant or impish. despite its severe ice weakness, it can take ice punch and ice shard like a champ. just leech the opponents life away while you set up curse, then kill.

Machoke/Machamp with no guard

Dynamic Punch
Stone Edge
Rock Climb

Machop is obtained early in the game by the first gym, and is super reliable with no guard as it kills things so easily through the game and is really reliable for strength and rock climb. I used mach amp instead of the usual Rapidash because Machamp is more usable in game and Rapidash is kinda disappointing.


Brave Bird
Close Combat

Most reliable flying type in game. I like honchkrow and Togekiss, but Staraptor is super easy to obtain, is your first encounter in the game, and learns amazing moves. Close combat is always helpful, Fly is almost required, Brave Bird for an all out attack in hope to kill, and Roost or U-Turn to heal or switch from brave bird's recoil.


Dragon Claw
Brick Break

Ok I'm not sure about this moveset, but you can change it if you need to. Gible can be obtained under the cycling road in a hidden cave, so look it up if you can't find him. Garchomp is a super reliable Pokemon that can do things quickly. These moves take care of most ice types, and give good coverage and stab like all of these other Pokemon.


Flash Cannon
Aura Sphere
Dragon Pulse
Psychic/ Shadow Ball

Wow I wish this thing could have 5 moves. Riolu is given to you on iron island in an egg by riley. Level it up with happiness in day time and you now have a Lucario. This is just a hard hitting coverage machine that is very useful.


Ice Beam
Earth Power

Again, this thing needs 5 moves. I want waterfall, but its a sp. attacker so, ill just go with this. a super reliable tank given to you early on that is good at taking hits. I chose this rather than the more popular floatzel, because floatzel is not a glass cannon, but more so a Paper cannon. It will maybe take one hit, then die. Thats why I like gastrodon.

Yes, I know there are 2 fighting, and 3 ground types, But this isn't the best competitive team. This is best in game team for Pokemon diamond and pearl. and besides ice for ground, this isn't a problem whatsoever really. Hope This Helped!

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I played this game a long time ago....

Depending on what starter you take..ill suggest the following teams...

With Torterra (Grass/Ground)- Giga Drain, Earthquake, Crunch, Stone Edge
Staraptor (Flying)- Fly, Close Combat, Roost, Aeriel Ace
Lucario (Fighting/Steel)
- Aura Sphere, Extremespeed, Dig, Dragon Pulse
Floatzel (Water)- Warerfall, Aqua Jet, Ice Fang, Crunch
Rapidash (Fire)- Flamethrower, Bounce, Sunny Day, Megahorn
Snorlax (Normal)- Bodyslam, Strength, Solarbeam, Surf

With Infernape (Fire/Fighting)- Flamethrower, Close Combat, Dig, Calm Mind
Garchomp (Dragon/Ground)- Earthquake, Dragon Pulse, Giga Impact, Crunch
Floatzel (Water)- Waterfall, Surf, Ice Fang, Crunch
Raichu (Electric)- Volt Tackle, Thunderbolt, Irontail, Strength
Drifblim (Ghost/Flying)- Ominous Wind, Psychic, Fly, Will-o-Wisp
Abomasnow (Ice/Grass)- Wood Hammer, Icebeam, Sheer Cold, Brick Break

With Empoleon (Water/Steel)- Waterfall, Hydro Pump, Icebeam, Drill Peck
Rapidash (Fire)- Flamethrower, Bounce, Sunny Day, Megahorn
Snorlax (Normal)- Bodyslam, Strength, Solarbeam, Surf
Roserade (Grass/Poison)- Giga Drain, Synthesis, Toxic, Attract
Lucario (Fighting/Steel)- Aura Sphere, Extremespeed, Dig, Dragon Pulse
Crobat (Poison/Flying)- Fly, Mean Look, Poison Jab, Supersonic

Feel free to reply..!

for empoleon, i would get rid of waterfall or hydro pump for Flash Cannon.
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Torterra: wood hammer, crunch, leaf storm, earthquake. Leaf storm and wood hammer is STAB crunch is coverage and earthquake because it's earthquake

Infernape: Flamethrower, fire blast, close combat, brick break. Flamethrower and fire blast are STAB and close combat is just strong and brick break gets rid of reflect and light screen.

Gastrodon: surf, waterfall, ice beam, earthquake. Surf and waterfall are necessarily and STAB ice beam is coverage and earthquake is powerful and STAB.

Staraptor: fly, brave bird, aerial ace, close combat. Fly is necessary, brace bird STAB aerial ace never misses and coverage and close combat is OP.

Mismagius: Shadow ball, psychic, confuse ray, thunderbolt. Shadow ball STAB, psychic and thunderbolt is coverage and confuse ray is useful to have.

Snorlax: Body slam, rock climb, yawn, belly drum. Body slam and rock climb STAB yawn is coverage and belly drum halves hp for attack snorlax is a tank so this move is buff.

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Mach punch
Sword dance
Blaze kick
Flare blitz

Muddy water
Ice beam

Gyro ball
Shadow ball

Charge beam
Grass knot
Zen headbutt
Iron head

Cross poison
Poison fang
Knock off

Ice beam
Wood hammer

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- Surf
- Flash Cannon
- Ice Beam
- Aqua Jet

- Sludge Bomb
- Giga Drain
- Solar beam
- Shadow Ball

- Crunch
- Thuderbolt
- Iron Tail
- Thunder

- Fly
- Aerial Ace
- Close Combat
- U-Turn

- Flamethrower
- Fire Blast
- Strength
- Megahorn

- Close Combat
- Aura Sphere
- Dragon Pulse
- Rock Climb

(easy obtainable Pokemon)

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This was the team I used (Sorry Pearl users, this is a Diamond team because 2 version exclusives)

Area - Starter
Wood Hammer (Heart Scale Once evolved into Torterra)
Earthquake (Learns as soon as evolving into Torterra)
Rock Climb (HM at the snowy route)
Crunch (Level Up)

Wood Hammer is STAB. Watch out for recoil though. Earthquake is also STAB, and a really useful move to have. Rock Climb is filler, you can acctually replace it with whatever move you want, and Crunch is useful for Lucian and Fantina. You'll need him for Roark, Wake, Volkner, and Bertha.

Area - Route 207
Cross Chop (Level Up)
Return (TM at (If I Remember correctly, Lost Tower?))
Brick Break (TM at Oreburgh gate, unobtainable without Rock Smash and Bike)
Fire Blast (TM at Veilstone Mart)

Cross Chop and Brick Break are really good STAB. Return is for coverage, and Fire Blast is for other Pokemon. Not much to say here. If you cannot Trade, Machoke should (Hopefully) Work. Super Helpful For Roark, Byron, and Candice.

Area - Eterna Forest
Aerial Ace (TM By Pastoria)
Dark Pulse/Night Slash (Both By Level Up)
Fly (HM at Veilstone)
Steel Wing (TM By Solaceon)

Aerial Ace is STAB. Fly is for getting around easily, and also kinda useful in-battle. Dark Pulse/Night Slash is STAB, and Steel Wing is coverage. Will be helpful for Gardenia, Maylene, Fantina, Aaron, and Lucian.

Area - Underground
Rock Slide (TM at Mt. Coronet)
Head Smash (Level Up)
Zen Headbutt (Level Up)
Strentgh (HM at Lost Tower)

Rock Slide is STAB. Head Smash, while stronger, has MASSIVE recoil. Zen Headbutt is coverage, and Strentgh is for HM purposes. Nice to have for Candice, Aaron, and Flint.

Area - Safari Zone
Surf (HM at Celestic)
Waterfall (HM at Sunnyshore)
Blizzard (TM at Veilstone Mart)
Iron Tail (TM at Iron Island)

Surf and Waterfall are STAB. Waterfall is the better of the two, ESPECIALLY if you have Huge Power. Seriously, if your marill has Thick Fat, find a new one with Huge Power. Blizzard is for Garchomp. Iron tail is for coverage, and helps with Huge Power. Double Edge and Aqua Tail are other options as well. Pretty Good for Byron, Bertha, and Flint.

Area - Wayward Cave
Crunch (Learns as soon as evolving into Garchomp)
Dragon Claw (Level Up)
Dragon Rush (Level Up)
Earthquake (TM in Wayward Cave)

Dragon Claw/Rush are both STAB, equally as good. Earthquake is other STAB, and Crunch is for coverage. Helpful for Volker and Flint.

I hope you enjoyed the team. If you are playing Pearl, you should do with Mismagius instead of Honchkrow, and Bastiodon or Golem instead of Rampardos. Anyways, Toodles!

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Hello friend! This is a team that I really like, and I hope you’ll find useful as well. So, let’s get it started

Empoleon: Empoleon is a great Pokémon, it’s dual typping is great, as stell has few weaknesses. For move set, I suggest. -> Metal Claw, drill peck, hydro pump and bubble beam. Hidro pump has low pp, so bubblebeam as a backup is always a good idea. Of course, bubble beam can be replaced by swords dance, if you’re going for strategy.

Staraptor: One of the great things about Pokémon diamond, platinum and pearl is that you have early access to great Pokémon. One example is starly, almost everyone that played this game has a Staraptor on their team. This Pokémon is both normal and flying type, and I think that this gives the Pokémon some advantages, and also, of course, some disadvantages.
Now, about learnset, I suggest -> aerial ace, close combat, brave bird and endeavor.

Luxray: another example of a great Pokémon available early in game. This is a freaking monster, high speed and all stats are incredible.
Learnset-> Thunder, crunch, charge, rain dance. This is a killing set. Kills everything that it comes across.

Houndoom: now, this is a super underestimated Pokémon. It’s dual typing opens many possibilities. This is only possible if you have a platinum copy, though. Mine has a very diverse learnset -> reversal (breeding), thunder fang, crunch, flame thrower.

Bronzong: Bronzong is a great Pokémon, as I said before, Steel is a great type, as it has few weaknesses. Learnset -> Hypnosis, confuse ray, pay back and extrasensory,

Drapion: this one might be kinda difficult to get, as it has low chance of appearing in the great marsh, but bear with me because it is a great Pokémon. Learnset -> cross poison, crunch, earthquake and iron tail

Hope this is useful to someone, this is the team I have and I think it’s pretty good, and covers pretty much every weakness as a whole