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Users have been spamming and using caps on chat while no mods are on. I.E. some people repeatedily post periods to hide other comments they made.

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people get rid of conversations for reasons
amen. but i dont think its Spamming

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TBH. What Gligurr has said up there is completely true. People are sensible enough (hopefully) to hide any spam that they have done. The period spam is generally when people are bored on chat and alone or the whole chat has been doing some "Lesuire" spam (we all do it now and then).
Also, the mods we have at the moment are perfect. If anyone on chat is annoying to anyone on the chat the mods are straight in the with a kick.
Inconclusion, No i don't think we should have a automatic kick because then when people are "Lesuire" spamming will be automatically kicked when they are not annoying anyone.

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