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Why don't we put the most rated on the pokemon's page. Like on Infernapes page, you could put Holy Names idea because it has 10 upvotes. It would help because people can just go at the pokemons page and then know a good moveset to use. I do not know where to put the movesets, if this idea is approved.

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It's not going to work really well. Sure, putting a a moveset with the most upvotes might seem like an excellent idea first, but we must look at the drawbacks.

  • Different Pokemon have different roles in a team. Let's take Infernape as our example. It has the potential to run Nasty Plot, Swords Dance, Life Orb, or Mixed Attacker. When someone attempts to get a moveset that their team would benefit the most out of, it might just be thy Holy Name's set that supports it.
  • People were much freer with their upvotes in the past, due to the one point you get from upvoting someone. Now that that is removed, people are too lazy to remove votes, meaning truly epic movesets might not be on top. Nowadays, people vote far less than they usually do. I'm not saying that Mike's set isn't deserving, but there might be one or two sets that might not belong in the spotlight.

Therefore, a link to the page of the moveset is sufficient, as it leads them to a page full of different movesets.

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This is correct. There is no one true moveset. Plus the perfectionist in me would want every moveset answer formatted in a perfectly neat and clear way :)