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PokeBase uses a website called Gravatar to supply avatars. The service is connected to the web publishing company WordPress, and is integrated into a variety of forum and Q&A platforms online. If you've used any of these previously, then you may already be familiar with Gravatar.

In any case, you can follow the steps below to add an avatar to your PokeBase account. The system works by checking your email address on PokeBase, and matching it to one of the email addresses you've added to your Gravatar account. Make sure you've got an email you can use for both websites.

  1. Choose to show your avatar on PokeBase. To do this, login to your PokeBase account, and go to your account settings. Next to the column that says 'Avatar', select 'Show my avatar'. If you haven't used Gravatar before, you'll receive a basic blue avatar at first. Otherwise, your pre-existing avatar will appear here (and you may choose to stop now).

  2. Create or login to your WordPress account. Go to the Gravatar website, press the blue 'Sign In' button and follow the prompts. If you're creating a fresh account, we recommend clicking the link where it says 'Not on Create an Account.'

  3. Confirm your email for both WordPress and PokeBase. Check your inbox for the confirmation links, including in your spam folder. Click here to re-send a confirmation link for PokeBase, if you require.

  4. Go to Gravatar's main menu. If you're signed in, you will see a page that allows you to add email addresses and avatars. Ensure the email address you used to sign up to PokeBase is selected. If you don't see the email you used to sign up to PokeBase on the list, you need to add it and confirm it. Your PokeBase email must match one of the addresses listed on your Gravatar account.

  5. Upload an avatar. To do this, click 'Add a new image', or go directly to the upload page. Once you've uploaded the image, crop it and then select the 'G' maturity rating. Do not set an inappropriate avatar.

  6. Wait. Once you've uploaded the image, it will be set as displayed by default (though you can turn it off), and will link to your PokeBase account automatically. Typically, it takes a few minutes for the avatar to appear on PokeBase, but occasionally, this process takes multiple hours.

To change your avatar, simply upload a new image to Gravatar and then select it underneath the 'Pick new image' heading. Make sure the correct email address is highlighted when you do this.

Note that moderators can block your avatar from appearing on PokeBase if it is inappropriate, and obviously you can't undo that yourself.

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If you have made a Gravatar/WordPress account, then you should be able to go to and find the option to add an image down the bottom of the page. From there the process should be fairly straightforward. Leave another message if you're still having trouble.
I tapped "create a gravatar" and it took me to... A blank screen. Please help thanks :P there was just a W in a circle.
I did everything you said and it still doesn't show up... I'm confused
Basic troubleshooting:
1. Double-check your Gravatar/Wordpress email address matches the email you use on PokeBase. Be especially careful if you already had a Wordpress account before coming across Gravatar.
2. Make sure that you've actually set the avatar to display for your email address. It is possible to upload an avatar, but not set it to be active. Follow the two steps in the headings on:
3. If you selected a high maturity rating for the avatar you uploaded, then it won't be displayed on PokeBase. Choose the lowest rating.
4. Make sure that you've confirmed your main email address for both Gravatar/Wordpress and PokeBase. If you've added multiple email addresses to your Gravatar account, make sure the one you used on PokeBase is confirmed.
5. It's possible that Gravatar is experiencing server issues, and an unusually long delay is occurring. In the past, people's avatars have eventually displayed after many hours. Some more patience might be enough.
I've now also updated the answer with an in-depth, step-by-step process for adding avatars. Reading it might help you determine what the issue was.