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‘Expert’, ‘Editor’ and ‘Moderator’ are titles given to the top contributors in the PokeBase community. Users with these titles have extra privileges that can’t be gained using points alone. Editors and mods are sometimes referred to as staff members.

Here is a comprehensive list of powers provided by each title. (Note that staff members cannot edit the main website.)

  • Experts can retag and edit any post on any section, even if they do not have the required points.
  • Editors can see hidden posts. They can hide, reshow, close, approve and reject any post, and kick users off chat. They can also access the moderating tools inside the staff-only admin, as well as view special user pages.
  • Moderators can ban users, as well as view and block IP addresses. They can also promote experts, edit silently, select answers on any question, see who submitted votes and flags, and change the avatar preferences of any user.

Users are promoted based on input from the community, staff members and the site admin Pokemaster, who has the final say over who becomes an editor or moderator. Active and trusted members of the community who make high-quality posts will eventually be promoted. Staff members need to be responsible and have some skills dealing with people.

As of July 2020, the active group of staff members comprises of Fizz, Hellfire Taco, PX, KRLW890 and sumwun. You might also come across some others, who drop into the site occasionally. Feel free to say hi! Let us know if you need anything – we are more than happy to help.

Editors and moderators use the instant messaging service Discord to help manage PokeBase. Feel free to contact us on that platform, too. If you have been promoted to expert, you are welcome to join our server and message us using a dedicated channel – let us know if you’re interested.

(Note that reaching 6,000 points on the main section will grant a user editing powers in that section. Traditionally, this has been our sole requirement for attaining expert status, and we will still honour it. However, under our current system, we will likely promote people on their merits a lot sooner.)

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Be a good user, be here for a while (usually a year) or more for a moderator. Also it's hand chosen.
For Expert, you need to reach 6,000 points on the PokeBase, and 1000 for Meta and RMT I think.

thank you
Okay, new question. If you reach 1000 on Meat/RMT do you get Expert?
haha good luck reaching 1000. Also I believe its 2000 not 1000 :P Even then that's only editing for meta (I think)
BS is probably easiest as that requires 800 to edit. I was able to edit on the BS and Meta many weeks before I got expert.
I achieved expert on Pokebase and I STILL don't have that many points on BS and Meta. Because I suck at rates and suggestions. :P
Same here, Slashy :3
Actually I'm currently 40 points from being able to edit on the Meta.
But then I'm an Expert already so it doesn't matter xD.
Hiding was an accident. Why does it say " Your comment will be checked and approved shortly."?
It just does that on Meta and BS.