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this is my suggestion
on the profile page, under how many downvotes and upvotes you recieved, you could have something to show when you were last on the site? like this
Last Active: March 31, 2013
my reason for wanting this is for username changing purposes.
because i once heard you could steal someones username if they hadn't been active for 6 months, so this could really help people out if they want a username of someone else's

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This has been suggested before, and I think it's a good idea. However, when Pokemaster says the user who owns the name you wish to take has to have been inactive fore at least 6 months, he means their last post, not the last time they were on.
I was also thinking of a part of the profile that would show whether you we're online or offline. No particular reason, although it would be a nice addition.
Mods have this already, just saying.
Well share it >:|

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It's been asked for already. As Mew said mods already have this. I'll get around to displaying it for all users at some point.

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