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So, there is a lot of stuff in the pokemon world, but I thought that we could have more info as in, Creepy Pastas, Betas, and Secrets of pokemon that have been reviled, but not many people know of.
For example a pokemon secret many don't know of is Jynx's original color and why it was changed to purple.
Or a Beta would be an unreleased pokemon or character In the game and not obtainable without a game shark
Last a creepy pasta would be like Pokémon Creepy Black.

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I'm sure this would make for a great section in the forums when it comes.
Yeah, totally.
sarcasm? oh well... it could work out maybe..
Jynx's original colour was black, but people thought it was racist because of the big lips, so they changed it to purple.
No, it connected to an African American stereotype due to being black faced and having large Puffy lips. Also in "Holiday Hi-Jynx" people started drawing parallels it to the Transatlantic Slave Trade.
Yeah, but, it had something to do with people being black. btw I've seen that episode.
The people were all White... The jynx was the black one...

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Creepy Pastas: not gonna be added to the main site. But when the forum is done that would be a good place for people to post and discuss them.

Betas: not really sure what you mean, do you mean like fakemon and such? Again, might be a good fit for the forum.

Secrets: something like this would be a good fit for the Pokedex pages. I've been thinking about adding more general information about Pokemon.

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I found an example of a beta on the internet. One would be that the Pokémon Lugia was originally for pocket monsters Leaf Green and Fire Red but instead put into Silver first. I think that should help with clearing understanding.