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One of the things I have been wanting to do is allow contributions from users. I've also been working on our new design and the new Pokedex layout needs a short introduction for each Pokemon. I could auto-generate a sentence or two for each Pokemon but I'd love something more customised.

Here's a preview of the new layout with some filler text:

Anyway it would be great if anyone wants to help contribute! Pick a Pokemon and write an introduction following the guidelines below. Just do one for now and post it as an answer, so I can see and make any suggestions/corrections.


  • This is a basic introduction, you don't need to write an essay. Quality over quantity.

  • You must be able to write in proper sentences and be able to spell.

  • Write in a neutral style. This means instead of writing "You can find Mewtwo in Cerulean Cave." you would write "Mewtwo can be found in Cerulean Cave." It also means don't say opinionated things like "Magikarp sucks", stick to the facts. Although in that case you could probably write something like "Although Magikarp doesn't have the lowest stats, it is often considered the worst Pokemon due to its very limited movepool, one of which is Splash."

  • Start with a sentence like this: UPDATE: the first sentence is now being automatically generated for all pages, but when writing your intros you can put it in to remind you that it will be there.
    "[NAME] is a [TYPE] type Pokemon introduced in Generation [N]. It is known as the '[SPECIES] Pokemon'."

  • Include a short description of the Pokemon and what it's based on. Any notable snippets from the Pokedex entries are fine, but don't copy all of them.

  • Include anything else the Pokemon is notable for, e.g. being a starter, being top or bottom in a stat, being the tallest/shortest/heaviest/lightest and so on.

  • Avoid repeating stuff that's already on the Pokedex pages like Pokedex numbers, abilities, moves or locations, unless notable (like signature moves or Shedinja + Wonder Guard).

  • Don't add pointless trivia. We may have a trivia section at a later date.

  • Don't add things from the anime unless it's very notable (the only exceptions I can think of right now are Pikachu being the mascot of the series, and Ho-Oh being seen in the first episode).

  • Avoid talking about competitive play. You can write something like "Ferrothorn is notable for its high defense and unique typing" but not "Ferrothorn is a great wall in OU."

  • Write in your own words - don't copy from Bulbapedia, Wikipedia, etc. You can look there or other places for ideas but don't copy. (By the way it's incredibly easy to find out if you copied it from somewhere else, so don't bother.)

  • Don't be afraid to accept constructive criticism and friendly suggestions :)

OK that's enough rules, hope I didn't scare too many people off ;)
Here's an example I wrote for Drapion as a further guideline:

Drapion is a Poison/Dark type Pokemon introduced in Generation 4. It is known as the 'Ogre Scorp Pokemon'.

Drapion is a purple, scorpion-like Pokemon. Its body is segmented and it stands on four pointed legs. It has two large claws at the front, the tips on which release poison, and a similar large pincer on its tail. It can rotate its head 180 degrees. Drapion typically resides in the desert, although it has been spotted in marshland.

Although Drapion is Poison/Dark type, it evolves from Skorupi which is Poison/Bug type, thus loses its Bug type upon evolution - a very rare occurrence in Pokemon.

Reminder to those that have answered: go ahead and write a sample and put it in your answer :)

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lol is that supposed to be in like three years or something? "Original 800" "When Pokemon was awesome"
I love the new format! :)
Can someone list the pokemon who have been done to prevent like 100 people writing Magikarp, Feebas, Arceus and watever....
I willl join if i´m allowed
Is the thread still open for answers?

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Oh this looks fun :) I'll happily help as long as I have dibs on Empoleon, Meloetta, and Infernape xP jkjk but I would like to write about them if I could. If I have to provide an example I will :P

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Oh, this looks fun! I know lots about pokemon, I would like to help contribute!

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Do any of you mind if I could help out too?

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let me say this: i am a boy scout and this is my good deed for the day.
so, in other words, please let me help!
lets get dis on! :D

oh, I also want eevee.

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I'm interested. I'm willing to write about any Pokemon.

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You can count on me. Prepare yourself for a not so Farfetched-to be-brilliant Farfetch'd description.

P.S. It seems as if it's a little Farfetch'd (More wordplay :3) to find 649 people to write descriptions for pokemon :/

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I don't think one person is gonna write 1 description, and one description only.
Farfetch'd is a Normal and Flying type Pokemon that was intoduced in Generation I. Farfetch'd's species is 'Wild Duck'. At first glance, Farfetch'd looks horrible. Garbage defenses, and just plain horrible attack and speed. It's PokeAthlon stats aren't backing it up either, although it is just a minor part of the games. Well, how could you possibly be interested in this pokemon?

Other than the fact that Farfetch'd has the stat's of an autistic if it was a pokemon, and it's probably worth about the same price as a protozoan's waste if one were to buy it, Farfetch'd doesn't have that bad of a movepool. If you gave Farfetch'd a stick then it's attack wouldn't be that bad. Given the fact that it can learn attacks like Brave Bird, Roost, Swords Dance, and many more, Farfetch'd isn't that terrible at all. If Trick Room was active, or if Tailwind was on your side, maybe some sweeping can happen.

 Farfetch'd is actually one of the few pokemon that are used for food. According to the anime, Farfetch'd are said to be rare because they have been "over-hunted" for food. Also, you have to give the bird some credit. It's wings can be used as hands, unlike most birds who can only use them to fly. <- Paragraph too small, editing

Hopefully it wasn't too lengthy and it fits the criteria of your guidelines.
Oh, Once, I'm so sorry. I guess we'll have to find 324 people to write intros for 2 pokemon and have someone do an extra.
Sorry, we can't write things like "Farfetch'd has the stat's of an autistic" that's stupid (and probably offensive to a lot of people). And as I have mentioned on other answers, stay away from opinionated statement like "Farfetch'd looks horrible" and "garbage defenses".
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Count on me! This sounds Fun! (I'll do Furret first, if i'm accepted)

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Hi PM. I am not able to make many of these due to inactivity, but as Absol, I would like to make absols. Here.

Absol is a pure dark type pokemon introduced in generation three and is known as the "Diasaster Pokemon". It is mostly noted for its very high attack strength.

Drapion, in the generation three games was quite rare and is still are, due to its very high attack skill. In the television show, they make it seem that it's signature move is the move Razor Wind. Razor wind, in games though is a very impractical move. Most players come to believe that the best move to give an Absol is te move Sucker Punch.

Absol has a dark black/blue body and lots of pure white fur. He has spikes on his ankles and a large horn on his head that resembles the ying/yang symbol. Absol notably uses its horn to predict natural disasters and its said that when you see an Absol, a disaster is about to occur.

The most notable appearance of Absol was in te movie Jirachi Wish Maker. In this movie, Absol saved jirachi and the entire movie with its signature move, Razor Wind.

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LOL, it says Drapion on one part.
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Omg, I'm so scared doing this. :P
I'm going to do Shedinja. Enjoy.

Shedinja is an unusually typed Bug-Ghost Pokemon. It was introduced in Generation III, and is considered the 'Shed Pokemon', likely because of it's method of evolution.

Shedinja is known as the shell of Ninjask, which was shedded off during evolution. It has a rather strong resemblance of Ninjask, except with shorter wings, and has a halo over its head. Incidentally, Shedinja is purely gold in Generation III, but has a beige belly in later games. It has a hole in it's back, and whoever stares into its back is said to have their soul stolen. This Shedinja myth has been criticized a lot by media, for various reasons.

Shedinja is a rather strange Pokemon, that many Pokemon fans have questioned. Shedinja is created when a Nincada evolves into a Ninjask. If the user has a Poke Ball in his or her bag, and has an empty space in their party, Shedinja appears in your party, along with your new Ninjask. Shedinja only has 1HP, regardless of IVs or EVs, when it evolves. It has the infamous ability Wonder Guard, which protects it from all attacks that are not super-effective. Of course, it's a guaranteed OHKO when a super-effective attack hits Shedinja.

Shedinja is a mysterious creature, but seem to be protective of it's Ninjask. It is wise and intelligent, and probably substitutes as a guardian angel for it's Ninjask.

It's a little long, I know. :s
Thoughts? :)

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this was really good I liked it
Not too bad if I say so myself.
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I would like to join and do toxicroak, cacturn, and magcargo if that is ok plus like a billion more of any pokemon you want.

My toxicroak example entry

Toxicroak is a poison/fighting type Pokemon that was introduced in generation 4. It is known as the "Toxic Mouth Pokemon".

Toxicroak is a humanoid frog-like pokemon with many black stripes on it's body and a poison sack on it's thought that is bigger on a male than a female. It has three short rounded fingers and a longer red claw on its knuckle that it uses to produces toxic poison.

It is the only pokemon that has the poison/fighting type. Oddly it learns more dark type moves through level up than any other type.

I am up for any suggestions and/or criticism

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Oh what the hell. I can do all 650 if you want.

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I've been doing lots of pokemon stuff so I would would like to do some entries. I'm more of the water type guy so I'll give you a Lugia entry (even though he's not a water type).

Lugia is a Flying/Psychic pokemon introduced in Pokemon Silver. Lugia is known as "the diving pokemon". Lugia is one of the legendary pokemon from generation 2 and has these large wing-like hands that help it fly. Although Lugia lives in the sea and has water-type attacks in it's movepole it is not a water-type pokemon. Although Lugia looks like a bird of some sort, Lugia actually isn't based on any myth, legend, or animal. Lugia also has 6 plates on its back (3 on each side) and 2 spikes on its tail.

Hoped you liked it and if you need any more water-type pokemon entries I'll be happy to help.

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I'm doing Sceptile. :)

Sceptile is the Forest Pokémon. Sceptile is Grass type and was introduced in Generation III as the final evolution of one of the main starter Pokémon, Treecko. Sceptile stands on two legs and seems to be based on a lizard or gecko which may be why its previous evolution Treecko's name is made up of part of the word Gecko. Sceptile has a fern growth that acts as it's tail. It also has sharp leaves that grow out from its forearms. These sword-like lease can cut down trees and are used to attack prey. Sceptile has six yellow seeds on its back that provide nutrients. In nature, Sceptile grow trees and keep forests healthy. The bask in the sunlight in order to regulate body temperature.
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I think this is an awesome idea. Maybe you should add a list of Pokemon that already have an intro written to prevent duplicates. I would like to do Magikarp if no one else already has.

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Magikarp, the Fish Pokemon, is a Water-type Pokemon introduced in Generation I.

Magikarp is known by many as "the Weakest Pokemon." Even many Pokedex entries describe it as "weak" or "pathetic." Many consider it weak because of its limited and slow learning of moves. Though Magikarp may be weak, it evolves into Gyarados, a Pokemon prized by many. Magikarp are found throughout Pokemon games by fishing in both lakes and oceans.

Magikarp may be purchased for $500 in Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow, FireRed, LeafGreen, Black, White, Black 2,  and White 2. The man who sells Magikarp is also mentioned in Crystal, Gold, Silver, and their remakes.
What about physiology?
Oops. You're right. Sorry about that, I will edit it tomorrow.
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I'd like to help out as well.
Here is my example entry for Unown, although it might be a little large. Anyway, let me know what you think.

>Unown is a Psychic type Pokémon introduced in Generation 2. It is known as the 'Symbol Pokémon'.

>There are 28 forms of Unown, 26 of which resemble the letters of the Latin alphabet, while the remaining 2 where introduced in Generation 3 and look like the punctuation marks '?' and '!'. The games Gold and Silver had an upgrade to the Pokédex called the Unown Dex which allowed each form of Unown that the player caught to be recorded, in addition to the Unown entry in the regular Pokédex. Their remakes, HeartGold and SoulSilver, retained this feature, but called it the Unown Report instead.

>Unown float in mid-air, and are completely black, except for what appears to be a large white eye with a black pupil in the middle. This eye is fully open in the Unown shaped like letters, but is half closed in the 2 punctuation Unown. Unown are a genderless species, and are said to live in another dimension.

>Unown can only use the move Hidden Power, as they are unable to learn any other moves at all. Because of this limited move set, along with its poor stats, it is often considered one of the worst Pokémon in the game for battling purposes.

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I'm in!

I believe my grammar & and spelling are perfectly fine.
Just one condition- I get to do either Luxray or Empoleon.

Will an post example,

Luxray is a Electric type Pokémon being introduced in Generation IV. It is also known as the 'Gleam Eyes Pokemon.'

Luxray's appearance is based on a lion or a lynx. It has three golden rings at the back of it's legs, similar to Luxio and Shinx (which are it's pre-evolutions). He/She has golden pupils and red scleras. Luxray has a blue body with black, spiked mane throughout it's body.

Luxray are extremely vicious, although when tamed (and trained), are loyal and faithful. Being a bodyguard for their Trainer in any sort of danger. Luxray has flawless x-ray eyes, making nothing been unseen by them. Abusing a Luxray can make it be very vengeful and feel hatred towards a Trainer. As they are proud creatures, so giving them a lot of compassion is a need. Even though they are also independent creatures, they still may band together and look out for each other.

Okay. I WANT to do Luxray! Also, is it possible for me to use this is I get selected for Luxray?

I want to do these Pokémon

  • Infernape
  • Luxray
  • Empoleon
  • Staraptor
  • Jolteon

And many others... I'm not picky. I just like Luxray.

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Sure, why not? Here's one for Umbreon:

Umbreon is a Dark type Pokemon introduced in Generation 2. It is known as the 'Moonlight Pokemon'.

Umbreon is a medium-sized Pokemon closely resembling a fox, with black fur and yellow rings on its limbs, tail, ears and forehead. These rings supposedly glow in the moonlight, as well as when Umbreon uses its powers.

Umbreon is one of the two Eevee evolutions introduced in Generation 2. It's Dark type and close ties to night make it the opposite of Espeon, another Eevee evolution. Umbreon evolves only at night and when fully happy.

Thanks for the opportunity PM, this looks like fun! =D

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Arcanine is a Fire type Pokémon introduced in Generation 1. It is known as the Legendary Pokémon. Arcanine is a Red, Tiger-like Pokémon, but it can also be based on lions as it has an orange mane. Its shiny form is yellow, and some tigers are also yellow. It stands on four legs. It has a very large tail of the same color as its mane and is black-striped. Arcanine runs agilely as if on wings, and its proud and regal appearance has captured the heart of people since long ago.
Arcanine evolves from Growlithe when Growlithe is exposed to a Fire stone, thus able to learn more TM moves than its pre-evolved form, Growlithe, but by level up, it can only learn 6 moves -from them the useful ExtremeSpeed.

Is it good ?

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Fine. Since FireRedNinja wants to do Empoleon, I'll do Gallade. (I know this is SO long-winded)

Gallade is a bipedal Pokemon with white, rounded hips and white legs. It has a slim and dark green body and a red 'spike' sticking through it, like Gardevoir, Kirlia's other evolution. Its arms are dark green and are used by Gallade to attack. Gallade uses its elbow blades to slash at its opponents fiercely. Gallade appears to wear a dark green 'helmet' with a teal blade over its white face. On the sides of its head, Gallade has two white coloured fins.

Gallade is a Pokemon with a rather unique typing, with only 1 evolutionary chain and 1 Pokemon (I'm referring to Mega-Mewtwo if you call it a separate Pokemon) sharing it's typing. Like Gardevoir, Gallade is also very loyal and protective of its loved ones and trainer.

At first glance, its left elbow blade seems to be shorter than its right elbow blade. However, Gallade can actually extend and retract its elbow if needed. Due to its constant use of its blades to slash and attack, Gallade can learn many cutting and slashing moves. Gallade can also learn Psycho Cut, a move not learned my many and often associated with Gallade. Gallade also learns Psycho Cut at the earliest level among all Pokemon who learn Psycho Cut by level up.

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I spent 10-15 min on this. I . AM . SO . TIRED