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I know this would be kinda like smog on, but I've always been dissatisfied with their guidelines. My idea is, that we could get all the experts to agree for a "checklist" of the characteristics of a good team. for example (just and example, I know it's not right.)
- Check to Extreme killer arceus
- Special wall
- physical wall
- phaser
I'm gonna end it there because i'm lazy, but you get the idea. This would be for users new to competitive battling and need some help. We could also do this for different styles such as stall and hyper offense. If this is a bad idea, I understand, I was just wondering.

Also, the new issue of the smog has come out, and if this guide ( http://www.smogon.com/smog/issue30/nuteambuilding ) actually helps new people, then ima kill myself

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Smog on baby! :D
I don't like this idea, since there is not just one way to make a good team. There is no "Golden Formula", a good team can look so many ways and simply dividing it into different playstyles isn't going to be enough. Also, it would kill creativity the way HP Fire Latios kills Scizor, fast and mercilessly.
The problem with that is that not every team needs special and physical walls, or even a phaser. Hyper offense teams which are really popular usually consist of a team of full on hard hitters.

I would much rather have an updated version of what Smogon has tbh. So just a big list of Pokemon + sets to check off. That would be much better. Why would experts make it? :P
There are some good battlers that are non experts that know much more about the metagame than some experts e.g Enoch. Also Why not Editors and Mods? :P I want in.

We should probably wait until we get the forums set up so we can just sticky the thread similar to Smogons.
I wouldn't mind that either blob
I actually like this because as the title implies, it's just guidelines. You don't NEED to follow them but it gives you an idea to help along the way. You've got my support.

Oh and Blob made some great points.
Maybe we could get a public P-pad, and have one person in charge of it, and people make suggestions.
Spam will take over the pad :P

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I think something similar to this is would be good.

italic = not so common therefore not as important to account for

Smogon OU threatlist

enter image description here
-Mixed Attacker
-Physical Attacker
-Choice Scarf
-Sub Seed

enter image description here
-Special Attacker

enter image description here
-Suicide Lead
-Dual Screens
-Special Attacker

enter image description here
-Choice Band

enter image description here
-Swords Dance

enter image description here

enter image description here
-Physical Attacker
-Technician loom
-Sub Punch
-Sub Seed
-Choice Scarf

That was just a sample of what i think it could look like. Once the forum is up we could sticky a thread with each threatlist. Though we may have to wait a while to see how X+Y effects the metagame.

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