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He has been doing this alot, and its driving me crazy!

He said the person above is correct, restated an obvious fact from the last users answer, and says hope this helps, and he gets upvoted!

I'm not reporting this for the points, but for the fact that the spamish side of this bothers me...

Oh look, it's my answer! Lol wow... he basically repeated dt's answer in a shorter way
We posted those at almost exactly the same time though. Note the post date. Unless he used  the "edited" part to change it significantly, it's not that big an issue.
That doesn't bother me, that happens alot, what bothers me is when he says,

" ( Enter Users name here ) Is right! Don't forget ( Enter fact already clearly stated by previous user here ).

Hope this helps =)
Those things can easily be converted into a comment though.
yeah but it was originally like this " clear body is better because it prevent stat changes while light metal isnt very good as that

hope this helps :) " then he changed it to what yours almost was like
Thats what bothers me Dt, It isn't.

What can I say , i'm OCD ADD and a butt load of other things, and seeing things out of place kind of nicks at the back of my brain if you know what I mean,

I used to get up in the middle of class and close lockers that were open because it bothered me...
I'm not saying what he did was right... I was saying that posting an answer that was posted seconds after another wasn't repeating, but since he just changed it I understand that's a different scenario.
Lol, So confusing at first site,

But yeah, I definetaly see where you're coming from, and I do agree,

I mainly was hoping he would see this and stop doing it, its a bit annoying

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OK I hid that answer. If you see any more, lemme know.