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I just took out 16 posts in the admin pool, and nearly all of them have been from people making necro-posts. Well before today, the vast majority of the ones I've seen are from lots of people doing the same thing and answering questions that are already fully covered. My personal favorites are the one that post on old questions and are still incorrect. :P

It's understandable why, since I know that newer users are trying to gather enough points so that they can get basic privileges like wall postings. There are always the moveset posts, but many of the new users trying to gain experience here often may not know any ways to construct solid movesets that haven't already been posted here, so it's a bit of a catch-22. I'm seeing a few core issues here I had a few ideas here that hopefully doesn't favor any group of people here much if at all:

  • Lock posts like you do with the username posts so that questions can be locked once they are resolved. Should the information be inaccurate, someone can still leave comments to cite the incorrect information and then the post can be unlocked and free to be replaced with the right information.
  • Provide another means to give users points in a way that helps them contribute to the site. I think the reasoning behind the point restriction is really great, but at the same time, we have a load of new users coming in with a finite number of posts. I think some of the demand for answering posts is partially driven by people trying to answer something if just to get one upvote for wall posts. It's simple enough, but I think opening up some new way of earning points would help to please that demand.
  • Come up with an obligatory Simpsons reference. I haven't gotten to watch in a while, so I've got nothing. Sweet merciful crap.
  • Create a mini quiz to give new users a general guide and award points for completing it. I can't be credited for this, but it's down in a few of the comments below. I think this method can work greatly for new users. My only concern are for those odd users that come up that don't use any kind of bots or programs for spamming, but still just spam the slower way. It might end up defeating the purpose of the point restriction.
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yeah if u had like great answers thing like i asked no one would answer that question???????
Fun fact: I had a typo right before posting and this said "negro postings." True story.
Maybe a feature needs to be introduced to help prevent it.  One idea I had is that when a user (typically new users) come to comment or answer an old question, a message will pop up should the question have no activity in over a month explaining necro posting can be against the rules and chances are the question has been resolved therefore nobody will care for the contribution followed by "do you want to continue". Press yes and they proceed to answer.

Hopefully should they have read the message and have the wrong intentions, they will not post their contribution thus decreasing the amount of necroposting.
Even when it's completely out of context, you can never go wrong with: "Me fail English? That's unpossible."

Also, perhaps adding a little 10 question quiz that gives you 10 points when answered 100% correctly (of course only being able to gain points from the quiz once).
I like the idea of the point quiz, but I'm not sure on how it would do against people that are not bots, but are still trying to spam on pages here.
I can't improve that - the quiz is a great idea. :3
That's the main reason my posts are deleted,necroposting is.But,heh,you learn from  your mistakes:)

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