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Is it breaking the rules if we post a moveset for a pre-evolution on a Pokemon's "what is a good moveset" page?

To my knowledge, no. There are tons of answers like that and they don't get flagged.
I thought that was what you were supposed to do, and it is against the rules if you post it anywhere else
All pre-evolution movesets are to be posted on the final evo's moveset page. Eg- Any movesets for Magneton go to the Magnezone page.

On a special note, all pokemon qualified as LC pokemon have their own moveset pages.
What if the tiers change drastically? Say <Pokémon> was a first stage Pokémon, but really powerful so it was in <tier>, but them the next gen there was a new Pokémon that absolutely destroyed it, and it dropped down to LC. Would the old moveset have to be hidden and moved to the LC moveset? What if the opposite happened?
Pokemon don't "drop" to LC. Little Cup is a standalone tier, and it doesn't rank above or below anything. So it's possible for a pokemon to be both NU or any other tier and LC at the same time (take Ferroseed for instance).

That said, even if the pokemon's moveset no longer holds water in the current metagame, it's still a possible moveset. Hence it stays on the original page.
Okay, that makes sense. I guess you can tell if it's outdated by the date.

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No, you're not breaking the rules. As stated in the comments, pre-evolution sets belong on the fully evolved Pokemon's page, but you can't make a thread for them. This is just to avoid there being 700 moveset questions collecting answers and cluttering the site.

Also mentioned in the comments is the exception to this rule, Little Cup sets, which are allowed given how different Little Cup is from everything else.

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so if I have a set for Eevee, whose page do I post it on?
Any of them.