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do you mean something like this which is on a site I'm on

Last Action for Distorted_palkia
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I'm assuming you don't mean how long someone has been a user because that's already a thing
No not in updates. Seeing last time a player logged in or logged off. This may be really useful to moderators.
not as in update, as in it's a small section on their profile that displays their last action and how long ago.

I personally never log out so I don't know how effective that would be, but the thing I'm describing tells what's the last thing you started doing and how long ago it was. This also helps with telling if someone is away, since if they are afk/not on it will show that they last did an action quite a while ago, but someone might be logged in but afk so showing login data could be less accurate
Mods can already see this info just so it's clear (specifically the time of last logon and time of "last write action"). But it also shows what IP was used, which shouldn't be publicly available. So if this is to be made visible to everyone it would need to be modified.
We don't need to know the IP, I only want players to see last time someone was on the forums

P.S Lenny, you need some sleep. Btw I need sleep too.
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Off topic: I'm not sure what to think about when you call us 'players' since I'm used to 'users' because after all, the DB isn't a game, it's a forum based on a game.

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