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The answers on moveset questions are really, really bad and the thing is that I think the people that use these dumb sets take themselves seriously and think these are actually good sets. Some are missing EVs and some are clearly written by people that know nothing about competitive. I want to know

a.) When to downvote? The standards are set so low, if I down voted every answer that was bad, I’d have no points.

b.) Hostility. So when I say something like “Your Pokémon is missing EVs, and why is this Pokémon Docile nature? Also Toxic on a Blaziken? Really?” And then a moderator or sumwun (yes sumwun, not sumwun) say that I’m being “hostile” or “unwelcoming”, and I can see that, but what am I supposed to do? Tell them they’re doing fine and let them pollute moveset questions with their garbage?

c.) Moderators. Some users, like Dark Typhlosion or Trachy, get upvoted for suggesting really dumb and gimmicky movesets and it bothers me that they get upvotes so easily when now people give out upvotes like they’re their firstborn child. (One time trachy suggested a TANK GENESCECT. Not joking I nearly died of cringe.)

d.) Resets? So I feel like people aren’t reading any of my, or anyone else’s movesets because we’re just one out of like 100 answers. Maybe we could hide the moveset questions and re ask them every new generation of Pokémon? (Users that got upvoted would keep their points, though.)

e.) Troll movesets. So I understand that some movesets aren’t SUPPOSED to be taken seriously and are just for the lolz, but sometimes it’s hard to tell when an answer is serious or just trolling. You should make it clear when your answer isn’t supposed to be used competitively.

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Every generation for new moveset questions would be very tedious to ask.
Most of the ones without EVs and stuff that are upvoted are really, really old. Back when I believe the proper format for answering moveset questions werenn't established yet.
No, I'd be the one saying the unwelcoming stuff. Also this question has kind of already been asked.
When I first found this site, I thought those sets were genius creations... For in-game use.

Especially the old stuff, they all seem to include: e-quake, for coverage.

I think we should just re-ask the questions (and not hide the old ones) with this title: what is a good competitive moveset for (pokemon)?

That way, our main source of new users, the moveset questions, would not be affected. Also, more valid and current sets could be posted,  and not be buried under all the old stuff.

I think I brought this point up before, and it got shot down. However, my memory is terrible, and I can't remember where or if I said this. If I did, just shoot it down again.
Just want to say @OrangeWigMan, I do actually like that idea and I think we should talk about it more. It would go great with the closing feature, which I mentioned in the answer I posted below.
Keeping the current threads visible is important for the exact reason you mention.

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Good thread, glad we're talking about this again.


Honestly, I'm not just going to sit here and tell you what warrants a down-vote and what doesn't. Ultimately, that's up to you -- you should set your own standard. My best advice is just reserve your vote for the absolute worst, and maybe don't bother on the old stuff that already has 10 up-votes to counteract yours.


When I tell you that phrasing is 'unwelcoming', I don't mean you should start supporting sets you think are bad. I side with you that unknowledgeable content should be criticised. The issue I take with your example is that it's impolite, unconstructive and lacks explanation. It is possible to make a criticism avoiding all three:

Did you create this set with competitive play in mind? It is considered a standard in that format to supply EVs, and to use a boosting nature instead of a neutral one like Docile. Similarly, it's likely not ideal to use Toxic on a Pokemon that is offensively-minded. Maybe consider revising?

The distinction is that you're a) not attacking the person's knowledge of the game, b) explaining why features like Docile are inadequate and c) suggesting or implying what alternative might be ideal. This is actually conducive to a thoughtful dialogue with the author, and all the while contributes extra insight.

Low-quality sets

This will never happen again. Since 2011, we have had an entirely different standard for voting and for what counts as passable content. Because of that, every moveset thread has multiple years' worth of competent sets that have gone through review. You just have to scroll down or go to the next page to find it.

Sets like the ones you are describing haven't been allowed since PokeBase's first years, and are removed constantly. I take down multiple of the sort every day through the admin. I've also been slowly adding the modern notice about content quality to the old threads, to keep maintenance of this.

As I said in the post linked in the comments, if you're not finding decent content on the moveset threads, you are not looking hard enough. We have acted on this.


For the threads that are backlogged with content from the old days, I do like this idea. I've advocated for it in the past. I don't think it's needed for the Gen 6+ stuff that we handled under movesetbot and the better content policies, but for the 2010 ones I think it's a good solution.

If this was carried out, the old threads would be 'closed', which locks new replies but keeps the thread public. We'd add a notice that new responses belong on the new thread, which would be just like the old one except with better content. We can even update and re-post sets we like from the original.

I don't think it's needed to post something new every generation, but if we do this once, we might consider it again in years' time if a second set of threats meets a similar fate. They shouldn't though, since votes are restricted and quality improved now. New stuff would be much more visible for longer.

Troll sets

If people are posting sets that aren't strategic at all and are just meant to aggravate, then flag them and we will remove them. None of this, however flawless it is:

Metapod @ Hard Stone
Ability: Shed Skin
EVs: 252 Def
Hardy Nature
- Harden

If there's at least some effort put into strategy like here and here, I'm fine with it though. (Fair warning, don't click that last one if you don't like racy jokes.)

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Idk what you mean by that Metapod being a troll. That Metapod is OP.
Looks like what a random team format from smogon would throw at me... So unforgiving, Assault vested Registeel with one offensive move...
If you can hide new low-quality answers, then can you hide the old low-quality answers as well?
I honestly don’t see the point. The simple solution to bad sets on those threads is to scroll down. That and it would be a ton of work to achieve.
If enough people complain about it, I’ll consider it though. :P
Some of our noobs aren't knowledgeable enough to scroll down.