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So far all the tourneys have been on db showdown, but I believe breeding and EV training is a huge part of competitive battling. Definitly keep doing the db showdown tourneys, but what about on the 3DS?

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It'll take ages. FC's shouldn't be that hard tho, if Pokemaster makes a page for that.
But some people don't have a 3DS that's why Pokemaster decided to have DB showdown. Also some Pokémon couldn't be encountered there then if you don't have Pokébank/another Pokémon game trade system.
People might not buy the newest games, then they couldn't even take part in a tourney.

So you answer is: a no-no
I think most people would agree with me. But we'll see.
SeeYaLater, you should convert your comment into an answer.
SYL I agree. While 3DS tourneys would be cool, there are people who a) don’t have 3ds, b) don’t have newer games, and c) are too lazy to breed, EV train, etc. (*raises hand*) The amount of participants would decrease. We don’t really want this, because tourneys aren’t very popular as it is. But, maybe not.
You can always use a QR rental team

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Erm... possibly but it might take ages to link up FC for the DS, then if people don't have the right game, or don't have access to their 3DS...

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