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I basically mean the green line before HT said this in this in his answer to this question: "Blue is listed at 5.03 million copies, while Red is only 4.83 million. Interestingly enough, Yellow beat them both at 5.10. I had heard Gen 1 sales were closer to the 30 million mark though, so this data is most likely a bit outdated."

How didn't you know? Lolololol xD
jk, jk. Still, how could such a scoring user not know that?
Bruh. I wrote both of those. They are asking differnet things
I know. I'm sorry man, thought it was funny. If you'd like, I'll delete the two comments.
Nah u cna keep it

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You can quote other sources by starting the line with >.

Type “> ” before what you want to quote or hit the black quotation marks.


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It one time glitched REALLY hard for me though.
It's really "> ". You need the space.
You need you have a line of blank text before and after the quote for the line to appear. It's not just one space, as you can see from the edit I made.
How do I end it?
You leave a bar of empty spaces after the quoted text, and then continue underneath that bar.
You don't need any blank lines. It's just that if there is a line with text right before the "> ", then it won't work.
So you need a line of blank text like I just said, lol. Jesus.