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Welcome to the Monotype Little Cup tournament, as suggested by Kyron (or Ben?) no less than five years ago! This tour combines the popular battle formats Little Cup and Monotype to form a brand new metagame, in which you'll be able to innovate a strategy to suit your prediction of the meta.

This tournament will use Gen 8 Little Cup rules as a base, with the added requirement that all Pokemon on your teams must have at least one type in common.


In accordance with the above, here is the complete rule-set for this tournament:

  • Battles will take place in the 'LC' format under 'Sw/Sh Singles' on Pokemon Showdown!. Battles will take place on our updated Showdown server.
  • You may only use Pokemon that are un-evolved, but capable of evolution, on your team. (For example, this means that Oddish is allowed, but Gloom, Vileplume and Bellossom are banned. It also means Sableye is banned, despite being un-evolved.)
  • All Pokemon on your team must be level 5. By extension, this means that any Pokemon unobtainable at level 5 is banned.
  • All Pokemon on your team must have at least one type in common. Dual-type Pokemon are allowed. (For example, Bulbasaur is eligible for both Grass and Poison teams.)
  • Smogon's battle clauses are in effect. This means that, for example, you cannot use two Pokemon that share a Pokedex number on the same team or put more than one Pokemon to sleep at a time.

The following bans extend from decisions made by the LC Council at Smogon:

  • You may not use Corsola-G, Cutiefly, Drifloon, Gastly, Gothita, Sneasel, Swirlix, Vulpix or Vulpix-A on your team, as these Pokemon are banned in Gen 8 LC. (Starting in the third round, Rufflet will also be unavailable.)
  • You may not use the move Baton Pass, as it is banned in Gen 8 LC.
  • You may not use Dynamax in battles, as this feature is banned in Gen 8 LC.

I will watch replays for each battle that takes place to ensure these rules are not broken. If a player breaks the rules, they will be disqualified and their opponent will progress, regardless of the battle's outcome.

One battle is to occur between each pair of participants. If the battle is drawn, an additional battle should be used to decide the winner. In this case, players may change their teams between battles.

Battle replays must be shared and posted on this thread. If all the battles are not completed by the due date, I will decide if an extension will be given or if a player will be disqualified for inactivity.

Sign-ups (NOW CLOSED!)

Read sumwun's guidelines for tournament participation before signing up.

If you'd like to participate, post an answer below, specifying your preferred Showdown! username, time zone and availability. Feel free to add some style! My own sign-up could look like this:

Showdown! username: fizz_db
Time zone: AEST (UTC+10)
Availability: 6.00 pm till late on weekdays, waking hours on weekends

A maximum of 16 players may participate. Sign-ups will close and the first round brackets will be posted at 5.00 am, Sunday 12 April, Pacific Time (UTC−7). Matchups will be decided randomly.

Use a time zone converter to help you decide battle times.

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Why not make it a NatDex LC if the range of pokemon in the dex is a problem?
let's be real, the people who originally voted for this idea aren't playing. but I agree that it shouldn't be changed
We'll play the tour with the rules described in the OP. The Natdex idea is cool, though our ruleset for that would be bare bones and would probably cause debate over which mons we ban.
rufflet got banned from gen 8 LC, so I assume it's banned for the rest of this tourney as well?
Ah, didn't pick up on that. Looks like the result has been out for a few days now, sorry. We'll ban Rufflet as of the beginning of Round 3. I don't want to interfere with the round that's currently going on since people might have prepared teams for it already (even though there's only one match left).

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KRLW890 has won the Monotype LC tournament!

Congrats! Watch the final battle replay against runner-up Jofly.


Past results

First round: SeeYaLater! vs. sumwun, KirbyCuteKing! vs. KRLW890, KitkatKK2 vs. Jofly, melcakes vs. PX, CrazyCradily vs. Dudeicolo, Molthree vs. Staka~

Second round: sumwun vs. melcakes, SeeYaLater! vs. KRLW890, Jofly vs. Dudeicolo, Staka~ (bye)

Third round: sumwun vs. KRLW890, Jofly vs. Staka~

Final round: Jofly vs. KRLW890


This is the battle to decide the winner of the tournament! You are allowed to swap your team between rounds. You can find replays for the previous rounds later in this post.

Post the replay as a comment on this answer. Once I know the result, I'll add the winner's name to the hall of fame and all that. Good luck :D

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go krlw!
i lost cause i leaked my typing lol
good luck to both opponents
I'm too impartial to each opponent to cheer on only one. Good Luck to the both of you! :P

sumwun's elimination is a victory in itself. :P
congrats krlw
grats! :P
Hah congrats! Pretty amazing how much work Woobat put in over the course of the tour. GGs!
I know. Simple + Calm Mind is so OP.
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LC has never really been my thing, so I was debating whether I should enter, but it’s not like I have anything better to do.

Username: KRLW890
Time zone: US Central
Availability: pretty much anytime

I think I can play any day at 22:00 your time.
I should be able to make that time tonight.
Sorry for being inactive and missing the thing. Can we schedule for Saturday?
Saturday works.
1 vote

I’m gonna suck, guaranteed. Still, it’s going to be fun! :P

Trippy Soup
Available 12pm-2pm, 8:30pm-9:30pm
2pm-9:30pm if I don’t work. :P

GL, HF all :P

i'm gonna need a couple of days, but it shouldn't be a problem for us to find a time to battle anyway
Yeah, sorry for being super inactive. I'll try to drop in Showdown! every now and then. :P
1 vote

Showdown: melcakes
Time zone: EST
Available: I get home about 6 pm and try get to bed about 10/11 Monday-fri. Weekends are good

Yo, I'll be good for Wednesday or Thursday I reckon, I'll be on server as much as I can from there
EST (during daylight savings) is GMT-7, right? I think I can do 20:00 your time any day.
im on the server rn actually if u wanna play
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Showdown! username: sumwun
Time zone: GMT-13
Availability: usually available 6:00 to 14:00 my time (19:00 to 3:00 GMT)

Stall is unviable in LC. Therefore I'm going to lose.

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You deserve to lose anyway you monster
This is a welcome change. Never actually fought sumwun without losing because he stalls with toxapex, while I stand there helplessly, staring onward and I get toxic stalled
This is why you need to bring your own Toxapex.
That is why I used to suck at competetive. Now I still suck at competetive, but on purpose
Wait why does this have downvotes lol
Because sumwun steals all of the DB tourneys victory royales with stall and now we can rag on him/her/it for it. :P

That being said, the only reason I’m still confident when sumwun joins is because I beat his/her/its stall team once in Gen 7OU. :P
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Showdown: Jofly
Time zone: CEST
Available: pretty much any time

When can you battle? I’m free today, but I won’t most other days this week until after 6 PM my time. I’ll be available on the weekend, though.
Sorry I didn't see your comment. I can do 6-11pm my time any day.
I should be available tomorrow and Thursday for about an hour at 7:00 your time. On Friday, I can battle anytime after 8:30 your time.
Today is good.
Just got an update, looks like I’m not going to be available for that hour today. Tomorrow should work for sure, though.
That works too.
1 vote

Let me in! Let me in!

Showdown: Brotad
Timezone: EST
Availability: I am not available Friday nights and am typically busy Sundays. Otherwise I'm around.

hy bortan
it's on
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Lord, rusty or not I better not lose this to anyone who doesn't play LC or I'm gonna be mad.

PS!: Fresher Than You
Timezone: GMT+1
Availability: 6pm-10pm my timezone

I don’t play lc so your good
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Showdown Username: NebbyY
Timezone: EST
Availability: any time in EST between 12pm-9pm (basically all day lol)

Third the one with the hairy chest
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Nickname: SeeYaLater_DB
Timezone: CEST
Availability: 12 PM until 22 PM

Can we battle around 20 pm your time? I can do any day because I'm quarantined.
Oh woops i forgot about this site for 2 days i guess.
I'm not done with my team yet but 20 pm in two/one day(s) has to work.
You want to try meeting again on Saturday?
I probably should have commented earlier, but when can you battle?
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Username: KirbyCuteKing
Timezone: AEST+11
Availability: any time at the weekends and 90% of the time on weekdays cause of quarantine
Edit: now I’m available 0% everyday

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First time signing up for a db tournament

Username: ccrz
Timezone: UTC -4
Availability: 7 pm- 11 pm

Gluck bro hope your first tournament goes well
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PS username: KitkatKK2
Time zone: MDT (UTC -6)
Availability: 2-5 and 7-7:30 on weekdays, 10-5 on weekends my timezone

i'll try to hang around the db showdown server during ur available hours
let's battle today, i'll be online during ur hours 10-5