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Most of the time many people break rules'
But if a mod is secretly there with another account which nobody know exists no one will be able to get to know they are under supervision for quicker action

Do you mean if mods have second accounts? There isn't much reason to except maybe for chat and wallposts, but tbh it doesn't feel necessary for that either. We do have a reporting system if people see something they don't like when we're not around.
Anything posted here is subject to view by anyone, and there's no way to see which user has viewed what. How could a user tell if they were being supervised? If a staff member really wanted to be discrete they could just log out of their account.
We can already see who breaks rules, except for in chat, which there’s always a trusted member or two there. There’s no point. And besides, wouldn’t it be hypocritical for staff to break a rule? No dupe accounts for anyone
As a staff member, I personally like when the staff act transparent and don't keep unnecessary secrets.
Ok guys probably your choice
This post makes the most sense from the standpoint that staff’s names can be seen in the chatroom, so you can know when it’s safe to call us names or whatever.
I don’t think people break rules “most of the time” though.
In my time here, I don't really think that there have been many instances of large scale harmful (as in not small stuff like all caps) rule breaking that hasn't just gone unnoticed and unreported, and most of the small stuff is stuff that people do regardless of whether staff is around or not. If something is genuinely a problem, it will be reported.

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